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The Captains Week Of All Stars: Part One

In the two weeks since my last post I’ve been too busy to stop and catch a breath.  But I’ve set aside some time this weekend to bring this ship back up to speed.

Why so busy?  A parade of some of my favorite people made their way through St. Louis over a 10 day period in July.  Seeing so many cool folks in a short period of time doesn’t leave room for much else, especially when it coincides with the All-Star Game!   The first half of my story spans the five nites that comprise the MLB All-Star game here in St. Louis.

But first a bit more on All Star Weekend.  Since I’m an avid baseball fan and live downtown, this event weekend was bound to have a large impact on me.  Even though I didn’t plan on attending the All Star Game or the Home Run Derby, I was still thrilled to be living down the street from so much baseball activity.  St. Louis is such a great atmosphere for baseball.

Besides the scheduled festivities, Meg and I have been quite interested in following the lead up to All Star Weekend.  In the year since we moved downtown we’ve enjoyed slowly tracking the changes planned for hosting the event.  With so many half finished construction projects downtown, it was interesting to see which ones were able to finish in time for the event.  City Garden looked pretty cool.

Ballpark Village looked like a shitty State Fairground.

Some places were rushed open, like the Over Under Bar that was built in less than a week.  The most common site was large banners or pictures thrown up to cover eyesores.  The RFT’s article on putting lipstick on the StL piggy summed it up best.

So with downtown all gussied up, it was time to bring in the big guns.  First up was the Cleveland-by-way-of-Florida All Star and 2007’s MVP, Amir.  He flew in Friday nite to start off a four-for-four hangover weekend.  Friday was a wonderful blend of several kinds of nonsense that I don’t really remember.  I know that Jamie and D joined us, and that at some point Amir won a bunch of money at the Craps table, but beyond that it’s rather fuzzy.

Saturday started off slow, but eventually became a 12 hour downtown baseball marathon.  Amir and I wandered around the All Star area for several hours, checking out the Busch Stadium festivities and all of the other various Fanfest events

and also the giant stage under the Arch

Eventually we made our way to the Hookah bar from the nite before, and closed out the nite at the Pepper Lounge with the ARRG Roller Derby gals.  Derby All Star and  Referee Extraordinaire Bethany even made an appearance, which was an added bonus.

A sudden rainstorm canceled our Sunday winery plans with Jamie and Rachel, so we just bought a bunch of wine and drank it in our loft.  But not before catching a matinee screening of Bruno!!!  But my thoughts on this wunderbar filme will have to wait for another entry.

By the time our third hangover on Monday rolled around, Amir and I were shot.  The weekend had left us tired, starving and smelly. Amir was so hungry he dabbled in some mild cannibalism.

I dropped an exhausted Amir off at Lambert Monday afternoon and returned home for some much needed downtime.  I needed to rest up since I still had two nites of baseball left in me.  I watched the Home Run derby with Meg at our loft and tried to fill my tank up for later in the evening.  I was anticipating another round of All Stars in the form of the Brothers Schneider.

My old buddy Marc was in town from New York to attend the Home Run Derby with his three brothers.  They had great seats next to the right field foul pole, and managed to catch a foul ball off of Nelson Cruz.  Well, actually Marc dove out of the way while his brother actually caught the ball.  It looked something like this1

The Schneider brothers are all drastically different from one another, which makes for a terrific group dynamic.  And damn if those boys aren’t photogenic.

They spent several hours dinking and spraying beer off of the roof with the Captain before finally heading home.  I hadn’t hung out with Marc since 2006, so I was really glad that Marc stopped by for a few hours of nonsense.

By the time the actual All Star game rolled by, I was a complete wreck.  Tired and bloated, I decided to check out the ambiance around the stadium with Meg.  Even though I was exhausted, I was still pretty enthused to see so much happening downtown. It was packed on the street with fans lined up to see the game and President Obama.  I was thrilled to be around this enormous baseball setting.  Megan, she was excited about the free tacos at the Taco Bell truck.

We made our way back to our loft for the start of the game, and I totally vegged out for the remainder of the nite.  And this is where the part one of the story ends.

I had high hopes for the All Star Game and I was very happy with the result.  Downtown looked decent, the weather was decent, and the times were fantastic.  Special thanks to my own All Stars, Amir & Marc, for making my four day weekend into a five nite marathon.  Well done fellas.

Check back tomorrow for Part Two of my week of All Stars!


The Captain

1  This is merely an artistic recreation and not the actual catch.  In reality, Marc looked way more girly diving out of the ball’s path.

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