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The Captains Week Of All Stars: Part Two

With all baseball related activities officially over, I sprinted through the middle of last week trying to catch up at work for time missed.  By Friday I was back on track and ready for more of the Week of All Stars.

First up was all around All Star and 2008 gold-glover Jamie.  His big 30th birthday bash & bar-game-a-thon was Friday nite and the competition was fierce.  Pink Galleon1 was Jamie’s Thunderdome, and the bloodsport was brutal:  Shuffleboard

And the ultimate competition, Skeeball!

The girls dominated almost every competition of the event, including most photogenic:

Then again, it’s never really even close.

The girls even managed to take the funniest pic of the nite when they snuck into the adult themed men’s bathroom and snapped this gem:

Thirtieth birthdays seem to be plentiful this year; I’ve moved on from weddings to old age!  Still, I had a blast welcoming Jamie to the old man’s club.  Congrats on the big 30 Jamie.  We can now officially start complaining about idiot kids in their twenties!

The next day was the final day of my marathon All Star Week, and perhaps the most physical.  Last Saturday Megs and I took our four year-old nephew, Ben, and seven year-old niece, Elizabeth, to the City Museum for the afternoon.  Those kids ran circles around me!

Ben is pretty fearless for a 4-year old, so I decided to be the cool uncle and accompany him where ever he wanted to go in the Museum.  We climbed to the top of all of the outdoor areas, even all the way up to the airplane cockpit.

We even managed to sneak onto the roof without paying and jump on the bus that hangs over the edge!2

A few hours running around City Museum left me amazingly tired, and I spent the next day+ recovering with Meg.  Ten days of fun definitely took its toll.

My Week of All Stars was amazing, especially considering what I ended up missing.  On the Friday nite of Jamie’s party, I missed a free Sonic Youth concert at the Arch, and missed a mini-reunion of my favorite high school band, Ashtray.  And that was just Friday!  But on the whole I was quite pleased with how the timing worked out for this busy week.  I was able to enjoy great times with some of my favorite people in a very short period of time.  Thanks to the parade of All Stars that made for such a memorable week.

Check back on Monday for a trip back in time, as the Captain recounts how he spent the past week living like a bachelor.  Until next time.


The Captain

1  For those not familiar with the Pink Galleon, it’s basically a X-rated, nautical themed blacklight poster turned into a bar.  And yet somehow I forgot to bring my Captain’s hat to the one bar where it would fit in with the décor.

2  Elizabeth is very much into following the rules at her age, and informed her brother and I that we would be going to Jail for sneaking on the roof.

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