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The Captains Summer Break

It’s been two weeks since my last entry and I couldn’t be happier!  I’ve had a busy summer up to now and my fall looks to be even busier, so I decided to take a mini-vacation from the Quarters to slow my life down a bit and enjoy a break from writing.

Actually, I’ve been plenty busy in the past couple of weeks, but just not with blog appropriate topics.  I’ve been slammed at work for about three weeks and counting, but I wouldn’t write about work even if I thought anyone would be interested in reading about it.1

Besides maintaining a focus on excelling at my job, I’ve mostly kept busy with little bits of delight whenever possible.  I’ve been hitting the gym more regularly in prep for a cruise that’s a month away.  I’ve been destroying my Netflix cue.  I’ve been spending time with my wife doing the kinda things that married couples do.  I’ve enjoyed a ton of Shark Week2 programming and Cardinals baseball.  All fun stuff, but not really blogworthy topics.

Actually, there is one thing that was totally blogworthy that I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned.  I was able to restock my liquor cabinet with a benevolent donation from my booze benefactor.  Check out this haul:

My new favorite person, Timmy!, is in the middle of a moving into his newly purchased home and was looking to downsize his bar.  My bar has been short on funding for several months now and was happy to accept his generous contribution.  It was like Christmas in August, if Christmas was at least 80 proof.  So let me take this opportunity to personally thank Timmy!, my own personal Bill Gates.

The rest of this month looks to be more downtime before our busy autumn.  But nothing on my plate leaves plenty of time for the Captain’s Quarters!  See you again soon!


The Captain

1  Which I can’t imagine anyone would.  Listening to other people’s “I’m so stressed at work” stories tends to make me stressed as well or bored as hell.

2  Every year I think that Shark Week can’t possibly get any better and every year I’m wrong.  The year featured a shark attacking a clown in the crotch!  No wonder they’re my favorite animal.

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