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The Captain Is Thirtysomething

Yesterday was my *Yawn* 31st Birthday.  Woo.  Hoo.

Actually, turning 31 was a nice change of pace.  After the big deal that was made last year regarding me turning 30, it was really nice not to overthink this birthday.  For the past couple of years I’ve been dreading the eventual approach of September 3rd.  I fell into that late-twenties trap where I saw 30 looming as the death of fun.

Now that I’m in my thirties it all seems relatively trivial.  The difference between 30 and 31 seems so minimal that it’s not really worth thinking about.  I’ll treat the next several birthdays1 just the same as I did this year; It’s just a day to eat, drink and have a little fun.

This year I decided to start back up a tradition that began in my mid-twenties – the birthday Cardinals game.  As it turned out, the Cards we’re playing an afternoon game on the 3rd, a perfect reason to skip out of work for my birthday.  With my upcoming cruise and house move sucking up most of my paid time off, I was only able to take off a half-day.

My birthday almost always falls at some point over Labor Day weekend, so I am not accustomed to working on September 3rd.  This being the second year in a row that I had to go to work on my birthday, I was quite grumbly on my way into the office yesterday.  My petty moaning quickly faded when my surprise birthday cake arrived.  My new co-worker is an accomplished cake maker, and brought in this little beauty for my birthday.

It’s a cake version of The Captain!  Not only does it look like me, she even included several Captain accessories: I’m reading a cake comic book, there’s a cake kickball next to me, a cake shark-fin for shark week on the couch, and even a cake iPhone next to me!  The only part that is not really accurate is the pants; if I were at home asleep on the couch I would almost certainly be pantsless…

Still, pretty amazing.  She managed to put my favorite thing on my birthday cake:  Me!

I skipped out of work around noon to head downtown to meet up with my friends for a few pre-beers.  My sister was nice enough to join me, as well as my man D and my old Ruiz buddy, Bethany.  It was a business lunch kinda crew, complete with the Cardinals tie.

Yesterday was a perfect day for a game.  The temperature was a cool 82 degrees, the stadium was ¾ full but had plenty of room for us to seat-hop, and the Cardinals’ newest pitcher, John Smoltz, was on the mound.  The Cardinals, who had won eight of their past ten games, of course managed to find a way to lose 4-3.  But seeing as I’ve managed to attend mostly losing games this year, I was not really all that surprised.

I have lots more thoughts about the Redbirds, but I’m planning a much larger blog about Cardinals tomorrow.  Instead, check out this shocking photo of the Cardinals mascot, Fredbird, drinking my beer yesterday.

Looks like he fell off the wagon again.  Perhaps working at Busch stadium everyday was too much for him.

I ended my evening with a lovely dinner prepared by my lovely wife, and retreated to the couch to cease all physical movement.  That’s how you roll when your 31.2

So thanks to everyone for all the birthday goodwill, and thanks to 31 for being one mild ride!


The Captain

1  Probably right up until 38 when I will start freaking out about turning 40.  Still, that’s at least 7 more carefree years!

2  The biggest signs that I’m now in my thirties were the gifts I requested.  I specifically asked for a fancy kitchen trash can and a new showerhead.

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