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The Captain Sets Sail For October

Editor’s Note:  You may have noticed that the last two entries had post dates of September 17 & 18 even though they were not actually posted until over a week after these dates.  The Captain intended to post these entries while aboard the Disney Magic cruise ship, but promptly changed his mind when he discovered the internet usage fees of $7.99 a minute.

The Captain is back in the landlocked Midwest after an extremely busy month.  I’ve actually be back a little over a week, but I’ve been too busy with my job and a massive mound of laundry to update the Quarters.  Today being the first day of October seems like a great opportunity to sum up the rest of my September.

Megan and I came ashore on Saturday the 22nd with about 60 hours left of our vacation.  We promptly returned to Orlando with her parents and rented a separate car for the weekend.

After a quick pit stop at one of the wonderful outlet malls in Orlando, we made our way to Tampa for a long lunch with my extended family living in Florida.  The whole Florida contingent of my father’s clan was in attendance, including my 82 year-old grandma and 87 year-old great aunt, both of whom are still full of life and complaints about their neighbors.

I ended up hamming it up with my family for a couple of hours before Meg and I made our way down to Sarasota for the rest of the weekend.  It’s only been a couple of months since I was last in Sarasota, but it’s been over 1½ years since Megan last visited.  We were both super excited to return to our former home by the bay.

Our good friends Amir & Julie were kind enough to host us for the weekend

Which meant I was forced to inhale copious amounts of Wild Turkey and flavored tobacco.

The Baxendales were also on hand to share a drink or two

Which meant the return of my sunglasses that I left in Florida last trip and, more importantly, the return of Rob Face!

That Rob, he does not disappoint.

On Sunday we had the perfect divide and conquer kind of day.  Meg and Jules hit the outlet malls for six hours while Amir and I watched six hours worth of football at Siesta Key.  It was win-win!1

Amir grilled up an ungodly amount of seafood Sunday evening, which slowed me down to a crawl by the time the Cards-Cubs game was on ESPN.

On Monday morning we managed to find time for a beach stroll on Longboat Key before heading out of town.  Man do I already miss that beautiful, empty beach.

Even after ten days straight of staring at the ocean I still wasn’t tired of the view.  The waters of Sarasota are where I really learned to be a Captain and it will always hold a special place in my heart.  It was especially hard to say goodbye to the beach knowing that it will be a long time until I see one again.

After prying myself off the sand we managed to squeeze in a quick lunch with my grandma and crazy Uncle Gary before heading to Orlando to catch an evening flight home.

Returning to work was pretty rough after ten days off, but I jumped right back in and I managed to catch back up by the end of the month.  The busy season in my office is August through November, so it was really hard to leave right in the middle for such a long period.  This will probably be my last September vacation for quite a while.

Complicating my return home was the fact that I once again managed to somehow throw out my back  while on vacation.  I was hobbling pretty badly when I first returned home, but it has slowly been getting better since.2

Besides work, I was really busy with the massive buildup in both the laundry bin and the DVR.  Two big events occurred over this past weekend that need to be mentioned.  The first, obviously, is that the Cardinals were the first team to secure a trip to the playoffs.  Bust out the Champagne, it’s a celebration bitches!

Congrats to the Cardinals for a very hard fought and rewarding year.  I’m super stoked for the playoffs in October.  Anyone got an extra ticket?

The other big event from this past weekend was my younger brother Paul attending his first Homecoming dance!  Wow does that me feel old.  My first Homecoming was fifteen years ago!  At the time I remember feeling very grown up.  Let’s just say I feel a little different about it now.

On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the mini press conference that was the pre Homecoming group pictures at the St. Peters Rec Plex, where I snapped this little gem.

I’m trying really hard not to embarrass my brother so I will simple say that he and his date looked good together and leave it at that.

On a final note, I found some time last nite to upload all of the cruise pictures to the Captains Quarters Flickr page.  And with that, my September is officially over.  Danke to everyone who made it one to remember.


The Captain

1.  Unless you count Amir and I’s hometown teams, the Rams and the Browns.  That would be Lose-Lose.  Actually, more like Epic Fail–Epic Fail…

2.  With a lot of help from Megan’s godfather, Sonny the Chiropractor.  I don’t care if Chiropracty is an art and not a science, it’s still wonderful to me.

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