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The Captain Is A Homeowner

It’s official:  Megan and I Homeowners!!!

After a long a very eventful three weeks we have finally settled into our new house.  At some points I wasn’t entirely sure we would make it, and at other points I was convinced that Mother Nature was personally trying to prevent the move.  But we made it in the end, and here’s how it happened.

Let’s Build A Home – Part Drei

Our odyssey began on the last Tuesday of October when we went to sign the mortgage paperwork.  One hour and two sore hands later we had the keys to our new house!

And thus began our weeklong battle against the weather.  Last month was one non-stop rain storm, figuratively!  October 2009 went on record as the wettest October on the books.

The record-breaking rainfall made moving extremely difficult, and it prevented the builders from laying down sod on our yard.  So our first vision our home was the beautiful new interior

And rain soaked mud as far as our eyes could see.  Check out our backyard.

The rain was a constant problem throughout the move.  With both of us off work for the rest of the week we had plenty of time for the move, but we had to rearrange our plans several times to work around the rain.

Originally we intended to transfer carloads of small stuff over to the house on Wednesday and Thursday, move the furniture on Friday and clean out the loft Saturday.  Instead we spent three days trying to transport carloads of stuff while dodging the rain.  Luckily my mom and her SUV were available to lend a big helping hand those days.  Thanks mom!

By Friday nite we had managed to move everything but the furniture to the house.  The weather report called for clear skies on Saturday so we changed our U-Haul reservations at the last minute.  After the rainy week it seemed like everything would be salvaged on Halloween.  Fifteen hours later on Saturday and I was ready to collapse.

First thing Saturday morning I found out that my buddy Chris had to back out of the move.  The aforementioned rain flooded his basement and left him laid out for the day.  So that left it to down to Me and D to move all of our furniture, which was quite a tall order.  Soon after I found out that they U-Haul center only had a medium truck left due to my last minute reservation change.

We managed to pick up and drop off the appliances from my mom’s garage by 10 am.  But with only two of us moving and two long hallways and an elevator between the loft and the U-Haul, it took almost six hours to load up the truck.  And load it we did, all the way to the ceiling and all the way to the back of the truck.

My buddy Jamie was nice enough to show up at our house to help with the unloading.  The three of us managed to clear out the truck by sundown.  Jamie’s last minute addition was great, and D’s all day commitment was essential.  Thanks to both of them for the much needed assistance.

By 8pm the move was finished, but the loft still need to be cleaned out and completely clear by midnite.  Meg spent several hours cleaning the place out before I arrived, but we still didn’t finish up till after 10.

It was a damn long day, but it was worth it to finally leave our loft.  So long downtown!

That was two weeks ago, and we’ve been busy ever since doing all the boring things needed to set up our house.  The silver lining to the week of storm clouds was all in the unpacking.  With the rain forcing us inside for most of the week, we were actually able to unpack quite a bit of our boxes before the furniture arrived.

Now we’re set up for the most part, and our new house already feels like a home.  After six months of anticipation we are thrilled to finally be home.

I’ve had several requests for pics of our house now that we’re done.  Before I post them, let me include a caveat.  We1 still have lots of decorating and rearranging to do, so this is just the initial set-up.  But it still looks pretty damn good to me!

Here’s the view from the front door.

Dining room and living room

The kitchen with our wonderful new fridge.

Our bedroom

The front bedroom, with the new computer desk we just bought from Ashley Furniture.

Moving on to the basement, here’s the guest bedroom.

And here’s the basement family room, with the new couch and tables from Ashley.

There’s still plenty more work to do, but the place is really starting to come together.  Megan bought blinds today2, and yesterday a crew finally came out and laid down sod.  We have a yard!!!

It’s been a busy couple of months, and there’s still a lot more on the horizon.  It’s been amazingly tiring, but I knew it was worth it the first morning we woke up in our new home.  I am thrilled with the new house and even more thrilled to be sharing it with my lovely wife.  We are finally home.


The Captain

1  Actually, just Megan.  I can’t decorate for shit.

2.  Wow, I had no idea blinds were so expensive.  They’ve always been included in the places I’ve rented.  Then again, that statement pretty much sums up how I’ve felt about everything involved in home ownership.

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