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The Captain Says Ach Ja and Nicht Nicht Bruno Kommt Nach Hause

Seeing as how I’ve been largely M.I.A. from the Captain’s Quarters over the last month, a lot of little things have managed to slip through the cracks.  Whath’s that you say, sound like a perfect time for another installment of Ach, Ja and Nicht Nicht?!?  I couldn’t agree more!

Ach, Ja and Nicht Nicht – Bruno Comes Home

Mad Men– Ach, Ja

So rare is it for a television show to get better from one season to the next.  After a superb second season, I wasn’t sure that Mad Men could maintain it’s amazing run.  Somehow the show managed to raise the bar yet again with season three.

The season finale last week was one of the best of the entire series.  To simultaneously start a new agency and end Don’s marriage was a stroke of genius.  And there were so many other great parts of the season:  The wedding ruined by the Kennedy assassination, the out-of-left-field Peggy and Duck hook-up, the lawnmower amputation.  What a season!  Is it even possible for this show to get any better at this point?  I CANNOT WAIT for season four!

The Yankees – Nicht Nicht

Damn you Yankees, you greedy bastards!  Wasn’t 26 championships enough for you?  Why did you have to beat my Phillies?!?

I’ve been a Yankee hater for years now and this win just makes it worse.  I just don’t understand why so many people cheer for the Yanks.  It’s like reading the bible and cheering for Goliath.  It’s like cheering for the House in blackjack.

I’ve gotten over the loss now, but it took me a while.  Philadelphia had too good of a team this year to lose to these overpaid assholes.  Still, the Phillies did manage some good performances.  Cliff Lee and Chase Utley both played out of their minds so it’s hard to fault them.

Unfortunately, I think a lot of the blame rests on the shoulders of St. Louis’ own Ryan Howard.  His batting average in the series was an atrocious .174 and he struck out a record setting 13 times.  He’s too good of a player for that awful of a performance.

I’m still proud of the Phillies for 2009.  Making it back to the World Series is still one hell of an accomplishment.  But damn, why did it have to be the Yankees?!?  Nicht Nicht!

The Walking Dead – Ach, Ja

Considering my long time love of comics and my newfound love of all things zombie, it’s remarkable that it took me this long to discover this zombie comic book.  Yet somehow I didn’t hear about this wonderful comic until I read that it was being developed into a television series for AMC.

Curious, I picked up the first few issues and I was immediately hooked.  I quickly devoured (pun!) all 60+ issues of the series and I now anxiously await each new issue.1

The plot is typical zombie fair; A group of survivors trying to survive in a post-zombie-apocalypse world.  What makes it so intriguing is the length and scope of the narrative.  There are so many different aspects of the genre to explore, and the story is slowly making its way through all the good ones.  The series has been going strong for six years now, and there appears to be no end in sight.

There are numerous other parts of this comic to like, from the stark black and white illustrations to the excellent characters and detailed way they have been developed.  Plus, it’s full of zombies!

Up In The Air – Ach, Ja

Check out how amazing this movie looks:

I’m so excited to see this film for so many reasons.  Business travel is a great topic for a film.  As a frequent business traveler in previous jobs, this film really looks to nail the tone of business travel.  And seeing as a good chunk of the film was shot a Lambert Airport right here in St. Louis, it doubly speaks to me.

With a well timed job loss theme in the middle of this recession, it seems poised to do quite well both critically and commercially.  And considering the Director, Jason Reitman, hit a home run with his last film, Juno, this looks to be a can’t miss.  Damn I hope this film doesn’t disappoint.

Halloween 2009 – Nicht Nicht

I love Halloween, so it killed me to completely miss it this year for our house move.  The 31st was even on a Saturday this year; perfect for late nite boozing in costume!  Dammit!

According to the numerous photos on Facebook, everybody had a good costume2 and a great time this year.  Whereas the highlight of my Halloween was the free black jack taco I had for dinner after my 15 hour move.  Halloween 2009, you were the worst!

Black Friday – Ach, Ja

As much as I love Halloween, I feel the exact opposite about Black Friday.  The idea wasting the day after Thanksgiving for an entire day of shopping sounds horrible to me.  It just seems to bring out the worst in everything and everyone.

But this year I really want to buy a big-ass television for our new basement, so I’m going to begrudgingly accept this evil holiday.  Considering the crazy deals that have been advertised thus far, I’d be crazy to buy a television any other day.  Homeownership has already made me embrace the hardware store3, so I guess this is to be expected.

Phrazes For The Young– Ach, Ja

Four years after the Strokes’ last album and the lead singer, Julian, finally releases his solo album.  It’s about damn time!

Not quite sure why it took four years to release an album only eight songs long, but I’m glad he did.  It’s great!  So now that all of the band’s members have released a solo album4 hopefully the band will get back together and start recording again.

If the Strokes don’t manage to record something in 2010, then I’m officially giving up on them.  I hope it doesn’t come to that, they were one of my favorites!

The St. Louis Lambs – Nicht Nicht

Damn football team.  I was glad that our pathetic home town team managed to pull out a win against the lowly Lions two weeks ago.  It actually had me feeling optimistic while I was watching the Rams-Saints game yesterday.

The Rams were tied at 14 at halftime, and both Bulger and Jackson really looked like they had something going.  They played terrible in the second half, but somehow managed to get within 4 points of the Saints with about a minute left.  For just a second they looked like the Rams of old, marching down the field to pull out a last second victory.  It was exciting; the upset of the month!  And then, of course, they came up short and lost the game.

I’m not really mad that they lost the game; they had already done that seven times this year.  I was mad that the Rams somehow managed to invest me in the game.  I was really pulling for the Rams to win this game, even though it meant nothing.  Well no more Rams, you’re dead to me now.

New Blogs – Ach, Ja

There are so many great new blogs I’ve discovered recently.  It’s so exciting to see so many people I know take up writing!  You should check them out.

My sister’s best friend, Jessica, started a blog here, and her friend Katie started one here.  Both gals moved away from St. Louis this summer, which is always a good reason to start writing.

Even my sister started a blog over here.  It’s great so far, but she really needs to update it with details of her birthday trip to Las Vegas.  Come on Cathie, how could you not write about such a big event?  I wanna hear about how you almost caused the evacuation of Mandalay Bay!!!

But the best new blog I’ve been reading is Ephemara Etc. by The Rocket Queen.  It’s awesome!

I started reading her blog earlier this year when I saw it as the Riverfront Times’ blog of the week.  Shortly thereafter I realized that The Rocket Queen is actually good friends with Secretly Stephie, which was doubly cool5.

Since then her blog has only gotten better.  Back in September The Rocket Queen made the same great decision I did back in two years ago; she abandoned her MySpace blog and set up shop here at Blog-City.  Well done!

And speaking of two years ago…

Missing My Two Year Anniversary Here At The Captain’s Quarters – Nicht Nicht

I failed to celebrate my two year anniversary here at The Captain’s Quarters back on November 7th.  Shame on me!  But in doing so I followed the most important rule of blogging:  writing should never get in the way of your real life.  So in that sense, I’m glad I was too busy to mention it.

It’s been a great second year here at Blog-City.  Yesterday I made it over 50,000 hits, I’ve gotten a ton of great feedback, and most importantly I still look forward to every time I post.  In the near future I hope to have more free time to write, but for now I’m quite glad with what I was able to accomplish.  So ahoy to year three at the Captain’s Quarters.  Hopefully the best is still over the horizion.

Bruno On DVD Tomorrow– ACH, JA!!!

It’s finally here!  Tomorrow I can own my favorite movie of 2009!

I know that Bruno wasn’t technically a great film.  In reality, it’s most just homophobia and dick jokes in a German accent wrapped around the thinnest of plots.  But damn if those jokes are funny, especially with that accent!

I think Sacha Baron Cohen is a comedy genius.  And while Borat is probably a better character, Bruno is much funnier to me.  Bruno has already earned a place on my Top 5 list for funniest movies all time.  So if you haven’t checked out my favorite 19 year old yet, now is the perfect time to invite Bruno into your home.  Ach, Ja!


The Captain

1  The last time I faithfully read a comic on the Image label was probably back in the Spawn days of the late 90’s.  Nerdtastic!

2  I found it particularly funny that my two buddies who helped me move, Jamie and D, both were sporting moustaches for their costumes.  They both decided to go as Jim Dangle from Reno 911!, which combined with my moving beard made for quite a hairy afternoon.

3 I bought an outdoor propane grill for the deck for 50% off!  End of the season clearance!

4  Everyone but my favorite band member, lead guitarist Nick Valensi.  Why does my favorite band member have to be the lazy one?  Then again, considering how bad the bass player’s album was, maybe I shouldn’t complain.

5  I ran into The Rocket Queen at the 3 Cheers benefit earlier this month and drunkenly told her I was a fan of her writing.  I was trying really hard to not come off as creepy, but that’s almost impossible when telling someone you’ve never met that you like their online writing…

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