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The Captain Is Thrilled To Stay Put

Yesterday was something of a milestone for me; it marked my one year anniversary with my employer.

This may not be an accomplishment for some people, but for me it’s a big deal.  Since I graduated college in 2001, I’ve only had one job that lasted more than a year.  That job lasted from January 2002 to February 2004.  So it’s been about six years since I enjoyed an anniversary with my employer.1

During the past six years I’ve switched jobs at least once every year, except for 2009.  So beginning my second year at my job today is a cause for celebration.  I usually go out of my way not to discuss my job here at the Captains Quarters, but a milestone like today is a good reason to express my gratitude.  But I am grateful for so much more than just keeping my job.  I don’t say it enough, so let me take this opportunity to state it:


This was the exact type of job I had in mind when I enrolled in graduate school.  The whole purpose of grad school was to enable me to get a job that I actually enjoy and pays a decent salary.  I had a job like this in mind when I graduated with a Masters in 2006, and it took me a little over 2½ years to obtain it.

While I love the work that I perform every day, there is so much more about my job that I enjoy.  I have a very manageable commute to work and I park in a covered garage.  I work in a nice high-rise in Clayton.  I have a decent sized office with a door.  My benefits package is remarkable compared to most job sectors.  I only have to wear a tie for important meetings.  I have a laptop that I can take home every nite.  And perhaps the most amazing aspect of my job is that I actually enjoy my boss and coworkers.2

It may sound like I’m trying to boast or be a braggart, but I assure you that I am not.  I’m actually quite humbled that I was able to obtain such a great job in these tough economic times.  I’m reminded how luckily I am when I see the news reports with high unemployment and low worker satisfaction numbers.

2009 was by far the happiest I’ve ever been with my employment and today seems like the perfect opportunity to acknowledge it.  So here’s to year #2 of my job, Cheers!


The Captain

1. Six years is a bit misleading.  I spent two years in graduate school full time during that time.

2.  My boss is a hip, young guy that I would actually be friends if we didn’t work together.  But my #1 rule in life is don’t shit where you eat.

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