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The Captain Is Ready To March On

Why does the shortest month of the year always feel like the longest?

Hot damn I’m glad that March has finally arrived.

My February started off pretty sluggish and managed to slow to a crawl by this past weekend.  A month of cold weather and a solid two weeks of fighting off a cold left me tired and constantly feeling drained.  Last week was the culmination of my month long exhaustion.

Even though I hate drawing my PTO down, I called in to work on Tuesday and Friday.  My fatigue also resulted in the Year of Consistency taking a much needed breather.  I broke down and took the elevator for a few days and I skipped my first Friday 5 column1.

While it was a slow month, February did have its worthwhile moments.  The return of Lost was amazing, and the gaining train wreck that Big Love has become managed to be quite entertaining.  Taking Desmond to get neutered was a welcome relief.

While we have yet to see what effect the neutering will have on his limitless energy, all of the time at home with us has had a wonderful calming effect on the little guy.  Meg and I spent a considerable amount of time in February learning and teaching our little toy fox terrier and it’s actually starting to produce results.  All of the learning really exhausts poor Desmond.

The other odd result of my February hibernation was watching a ton of Olympic coverage.  With lots of time to kill, the constant coverage on NBC and the amazing performances of my two favorite teams, USA and Germany, I saw more of the Winter Olympics than I have since I was a kid2.

Now that the weather forecast is finally warmer and I’ve successfully passed my cold onto my wife, I am looking forward to being much more active in the weeks ahead.  So goodbye to a cold and groggy February and hello to a warm and active March!


The Captain

1.  This made me realize that a having Friday 5 as a weekly post is not a great idea.  I found a weekly schedule was a bit too demanding; it felt like all I was posting was Top 5 lists.  So I’ve decided to post these on a bi-weekly basis, which technically lets me off the hook for last Friday…

2.  The women in my family were all obsessed with figure skating, which translated into me watching a good chunk of the ’84, ’88 and ’92 Winter Games.  It turns out I still have all the names of the various jumps stored in my brain along with a twenty year crush on Katarina Witt.

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