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The Captain Would Like To Thank The Academy

I wasn’t going to write about the Oscars today, but there are a couple of things that I just can’t not mention.  Megan won our mini-contest last nite by correctly predicting that Hurt Locker would sweep over Avatar.  Losing the manual-labor-side-bet this year dictates that I must now clean all the dog poop out of our back yard, which sucks big time.  It serves me right for betting on Avatar…

The big surprise of the nite was my favorite film, Up In The Air, getting completely shutout.  Losing the Best Adapted Screenplay to Precious: Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire was, well, Bullshit:  Based On Some Guilt By The Academy Voters.

I was also peeved that the new Wallace and Gromit short, A Matter Of Loaf And Death, lost in the Animated Short category.  I was mad until I watched the short that won the Oscar, Logorama.!wUapp7BV2oONHOYgA0fA3kKn7cvwkWO59OBMBBswSNtey-igvNmRlbFFQLab-z/v.aspx

Hot damn is that clip amazing!  The creativity is off the charts and most importantly it reinforces a long held belief of mine – Ronald McDonald is a psychotic asshole.

So good job academy on that call and on Martin and Ballwin hosting.  Now if they would just get rid of the interpretive dance performances…


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