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The Captain Sees Flames And Rifles Coming Over The Hills

As you can see from my numerous twitter feeds yesterday, I had one hell of an awesome Tuesday.  Gorgeous weather and exciting day at work and an amazing concert is about as much fun as I’ve had in ages.

Within the first hour of my workday I knew I was in for a real treat.  My boss and I were tagging along with Ranger Tim to take a tour of parks in West County.  Our morning began with a tour at the main ranger station.  Before we left Ranger Tim thought it would be fun to put my name into the police database to see what came up on the screen.  I agreed without thinking and immediately regretted it.

Ranger Tim:  It says here you had a warrant in Kingsville, Texas back in 2000?

Me: Uhh…..

My Boss:  What was that about?

Me: (shrugs) Spring Break (flash grin)

Ranger Tim:  What happened?

Me:  What happens in South Padre stays in South Padre?

After we were all done laughing I explained that I had a speeding ticket that I forgot to pay and eventually took care of.  It really set the tone for what turned out to be an extremely entertaining day.

Ranger Tim is a middle aged man with a great moustache and a million stories.  As would be expected for a guy who spends his days in public parks, he as lots of funny stories about catching people mid-coitus and catching teens with liquor and drugs.  Or as he would say, perverts and dope smokers.  It must be a generational thing, because I think I’ve heard the word “pervert” more yesterday than in the rest of my life combined.

The Ranger’s stories made the drive entertaining, but the real star was the parks.  Not a bad view for 10:30am on a Tuesday.

Having grown up in North County, I was not too familiar with the parks of West County.  Surprise, they’re really beautiful.  We saw all sorts of entertaining things, including a gathering of old men flying little glider planes like this

The planes were cool, but watching them try and free a stuck plane from a tree branch was actually more enjoyable.

I was up for anything and I agreed to almost everything, including riding the carousel.

I was trying hard not to look too thrilled.  I did everything except agree to climb this monstrosity

Maybe next time.

The highlight of the day was definitely the prairie field set on fire.  Burn!  I was lucky enough to watch several parks staff do a controlled burn to a brush field.  While they were busy making sure to tightly control fires like this

I was standing in the background sounding like a teenager.  Cool!  I watched an entire field burn in about an hour as I hatched a plan to bring a busload of teenage boys with me next time and charge admission.  I would have paid $5 back when I was 14 to see something this cool.

It was a solid eight hours of stunning scenery and perfect weather, or just the best day of work ever.  And my nite was even better.  I attended my first concert of the week with my old friends Jamie and Eric.  The double bill at the Pageant was one of the best I’ve seen in awhile – Band of Skulls opening for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.  Band of Skulls is a new group that was featured in my Modern Rock 2009 disc recently and who put on a great live show.  Strangely enough, both bands were three piece sets with a female member.  Band of Skulls features a kickass bass player named Emma who is a dead ringer for Chrissie Hynde.  Killer.

But the real show was BRMC.  I’ve been a fan for a few years now, but I’ve never found a chance to see them live.  Being the huge music fan he is, Eric’s seen them multiple times before.  Music nerds unite!

From the start I was determined to have the band play “Rifles.”  It’s definitely their best song and probably one of my favorite songs from the past ten years.  Eric said they rarely play it live anymore, which made me all the more determined to hear it.  After mercilessly shouting “Play Rifles!” for 1½ hours, the band finally relented during the encore.  Here’s a good approximation of how it sounded.

I came home exhausted late last nite and slept hard.  I needed to be well rested, because today was the day that we adopted another toy fox terrier puppy.  But more about that tomorrow…


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