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The Captain Crosses Over Into Super Geek Land

So today I’m all excited for the release of Red Dead Redemption for the PS3.  Grand Theft Auto in the Wild West sounds like the perfect game for me.

And yet, to my surprise, I managed to find another video game today that is light-years cooler.  Behold:  Super Mario Brothers Crossover!

Crossover is the exact set-up of the original Super Mario Brothers game for the 8-bit Nintendo, with a so-simple-it’s-brilliant twist.  You can play every level as a character from other classic 8-bit Nintendo games.

It’s Mega Man in Mario’s world!  Amazing!!!  There are actually five other playable characters for every level.

Including, Mega Man, Link from Legend of Zelda, Bill from Contra, Simon from Castlevania, and Samus from Metroid.  All of my favorites!

While the game play is pretty basic, there are lots of fun little twists.  Mushroom and flower power-ups provide different bonuses depending on the character.  For example, a mushroom gives Bill a machine gun that’s perfect for mowing down koopas.

This looks to be the best time waster I’ve seen in ages.  And the best part is that the game if FREE!!!  Follow this link to the webpage and get started!  You can thank me later.


The Captain

The Captains Dog Gets A Peg Leg

So my dumbass puppy fell off the top of our couch on Saturday and broke his leg.  Isn’t this the most pathetic thing you’re ever seen?

I wish I could say that he fell off because he was vigorously playing with Hugo or something else with a little dignity, but I can’t.  He just lost his balance and fell on his leg, breaking it in two spots.

Of course this had to happen on a Saturday afternoon, which meant we had to take him to an emergency veterinary clinic to get treatment.  $275 dollars later he came home with a blue splint on his leg.

The poor guy was super groggy for the first 24 hours, and since then he’s been slowly regaining his energy.  It appears that there is actually something that can slow Desmond down!

Meg took him to our vet today, and it looks like the splint will be staying for an additional 4–8 weeks.  Yikes!  Desmond is a tough little fellow, and the vet thinks that he will make a full recovery.

Should I have seen this coming?  After all, Desmond’s namesake on Lost fell down a well a few weeks ago and presumably broke a few bones.

Maybe tomorrow nite’s episode will give us an update on what to expect from Desmond.  Until then, our little man will be hobbling around the house like a pirate on his peg leg.  Barrrrrrrrrrk!


The Captain

The Captain Is The Most Trusted Name In News

A buddy sent me a link to a clip this morning that instantly became my new favorite news blooper.  It’s so funny that it’s practically demanding a Friday 5 list.  Who am I to argue?

Top 5 Local News Clips

1.  Enjoying the Penis

This segment is so new that I can’t even find the whole clip on YouTube yet!  Here’s a link to the whole clip.  It’s just so funny how casual he is about the whole thing.  Michael Hill is my new hero.

2.  The Sarasota Roach

This was my favorite clip for years, based partly on the fact that this guy actually was the local weatherman when I lived in Sarasota.  I laughed every time I saw him on the news.

3.  Fucking That Chicken

What in the world was the anchorman actually trying to say?

4.  Triumph v. Hawaii

I’m not sure how Robert Smigel talked his way onto a newscast in Honolulu, but I’m glad he was successful.

5.  Borat in Mississippi

Like Robert Smigel, Sasha Baron Cohen must have a wonderful producer.  While these last two are obviously staged, they are wickedly funny nonetheless.


The Captain

The Captains Is Ready For A Cerveza

Happy Cinco de Mayo! This year I’ll be celebrating with my good buddy Baltimore Brian. Since Brian is the biggest film buff I know, here’s the perfect just released trailer to mark the occasion. Enjoy!


The Captain

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