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The Captain Is Cooling On South Street Jet Black Benz Plenty Of Friends (And All The Philly Steaks You Can Eat)

Besides St. Louis, of course, I’d say Philadelphia is my favorite city.  I went there every summer from up until I graduated high school, which makes it almost a crime that I haven’t been back since 2003.  I had a lot of ground to make up, but luckily I had 48 hours and a few good friends to help me.

My long-time buddy Grellner and his hip new girlfriend Rose drove up from Baltimore on Friday and we spent the day taking in all that Philly has to offer.  We hit my favorite local convenience store, WaWa

And picked up this little beauty

Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes y’all, and now with a Phillies logo!!!

We spent most of our day on South Street doing the kind of things one does on South Street – eat and drink.  Every bar seemed to be having a PBR special, which was just fine in my book.

But the real MVP of South Street is the food.  I loved the giant pizza slices at Lickety Split

But the best by far was the cheesesteak at Geno’s

Some people will say that Pat’s Steaks across the street are the best, but for my money nobody beats Geno’s

On Saturday I got to experience much more of Philly than I originally had planned.  Meg’s college friend Marissa saw my Twitter updates on Facebook and we managed to hook up for dinner.  Her husband Adam knew a great Indian restaurant, which was doubly sweet for me because

1.  Meg can’t stand Indian so I never have it

2.  It was by one of the few malls I actually like, King of Prussia!

Saturday nite was also a great opportunity to hop on the Flyers bandwagon for the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals

Flyer up for the Cup!

And I also got a rare opportunity to hang out with my cousin Jessica.  This was the first time I’ve seen Jess since she turned 21, which meant it was time to hit some bars.

She took me to hit the college bar scene in West Chester for the first time.  And while I felt a little old hanging out at college bars, I had a blast with Jess and her friends from high school.  Jess is leaving for Egypt in August for three years, so I was glad we got to hang.  Cheers to Jessica!

My two day mini-vacation to Philadelphia was super fun, especially considering that it required zero planning.  Being in Philly makes me feel like a kid again, albeit one who apparently has a slight drinking problem…


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