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The Captain Is Back And All Caught Up

Six days of vacation really kicked my ass!  I had a mountain of stuff piled up for me when I returned home, and it took me this long just to get caught up.  There was so much cool stuff that happened on my trip that it seemed foolish to try and sum it all up in one blog.  So instead I wrote four smaller entries and posted them to the corresponding days from the trip.  I also posted my vacation pics along with lots of other pics from the last few months over on the Flickr site.  It took a lot to catch back up, but it was way worth it.  Enjoy!

Now life is back to normal here in St. Louis.  Not much to report here at home.  We discovered that the vet techs at our Veterinarian office are all huge Lost nerds

The actually wrote “see you in another life brother” on Desmond’s new cast cover.  And oddly enough, this wasn’t the only dog related Lost joke from this week.  Someone posted this alternate ending for the finale that seems to make a lot more sense to me.

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