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The Captain Has An Amazing Winters Experience At The Beginning Of Summer

Do yourself a favor and go see Winter’s Bone .  Like, right now.  Hurry up already, because I want to discuss this amazing film with everyone and no one has seen it yet.  I’m pretty sure it will be my favorite film of 2010.

I mentioned my excitement about this film in my last blog post and in retrospect I don’t think I was nearly excited enough.  It’s damn near perfect.  The film nails the look and feel of the Ozarks in every way possible.

And the characters and the acting are also top notch.  I would‘ve been very easy to populate the film with southern redneck caricatures, but the excellent writing and casting managed to avoid this trap.  The lead actress, Jennifer Lawrence, deserves an Oscar nomination.  She was flat-out incredible.

As good as the film was, watching it in the theater last weekend was an odd experience.  First, I was watching a movie where everyone was covered in multiple layers of outdoor clothing on a day when the temperature was about 99 degrees outside1.

Second, the only place the film was playing on opening weekend was the theater at Plaza Frontenac, St. Louis’ ritziest shopping center.  It was a little surreal to be in a theater packed with rich old people watching a movie about poor young people.  Even though the theater resides in the same state where the movie was filmed, it felt like I was seeing it a million miles away.

I meant to post this glowing endorsement last week, but I got bogged down by a hectic week at work.   Now it’s been over a week since I’ve seen the film and I still can’t get it out of my head.  I need someone to discuss this with, and pronto as I’m pretty sure Meg is tired of the discussion by now.  So go see Winter’s Bone dammit!


The Captain

1.  Although the perpetually chilly movie theater atmosphere actually did help a bit.  Who decided that the only way to see a film in the theater is below 67 degrees?

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