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The Captains References Are All Television Based

This morning I dropped Desmond off at the vet for his surgery.   Megan is super concerned for Des and really hopes that the surgery goes well, whereas I’m more concerned with the giant bill for said surgery.  He’ll be staying with the vet overnight and hopefully be back with us and feeling better tomorrow.  Here’s hoping that he has a speedy recovery.

In other doggie news, the Lost references that our vet keeps writing on Desmond’s cast are getting out-of-control nerdy.  I’m not sure if you can make it out on the picture above, but the vet drew a hand and wrote Not Penny’s Boat on his wrap.

That’s geektastic!  And speaking of great television, it’s been a big week for me.  On Sunday we finally took the plunge and started season one of The Wire.

This is the main show that I’ve been avoiding1 for years now and for good reasons.  First of course is the time commitment.  Jumping in to a show with five complete seasons is no small undertaking.  But our low key summer plans opened up a large block of time so we decided to finally commit.  The second, more shameful reason I didn’t want to start watching The Wire is its inclusion in Stuff White People Like.  The only other show on the SWPL list is Arrested Development and I was trying real hard to avoid yet another stereotype.  Damn you Christian, you beat me every time.

Finally, in a bit of sad television news, it was announced yesterday that Party Down has been cancelled.  DAMMIT!  First the TV gods push off Parks and Recreation to mid-season next year and now this!  Now, granted, I figured it would be tough to keep together a cast this talented.  Look at all these comedy ringers!

But I figured that since Adam Scott’s stint on Park and Recreation was being pushed back the show might still have a chance.  I hear that there is an internet movement afoot to save Party Down, but I’m not holding my breath.  Let’s just say that I don’t have faith in the genius of the Starz network…

Now that I know the show is done, I rewatched last week’s season finale and I think that it works well as a series finale.  So goodbye to the pink bow-tie crew and hello to the Barksdale organization!


The Captain

1. Other shows on my avoid list are Freaks and Geeks, Six Feet Under, and How I Met Your Mother.

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