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The Captains New Definition Of Summer Madness

For a summer with not much to do, I’ve been remarkably busy lately.  Most of my days lately have been filled with answering procedural questions at work, despite the fact that I wrote a training manual that covers these procedures in explicit detail.  And while I actually had a couple of days off last week, I wound up busier than ever.

My two eldest uncles on my dad’s side of the family were in town last weekend and stayed at my house a couple of nites.  As I would guess is probably typical for bachelors over fifty, they were in town from Philadelphia on a baseball stadium tour vacation.  They came to St. Louis to catch the Cardinals-Phillies game last Tuesday nite.

We also found our way to the Budweiser brewery tour and we managed to polish off a Big Ben at Pappy’s Smokehouse.  You know, dude stuff.  And in an act of kindness, they singlehandedly finished off every project on my home-repair list!  Almost all of the projects involved dog-proofing something in my home, but they also installed professional looking shelving in my laundry room. I must be getting old, because I was THRILLED by this shelf.

We put in a full day’s work with only one trip to an Urgent Care facility.  Real dude stuff.  I also took the Uncles to see my sister’s band, Paper Dolls, down at Off Broadway.  The Dolls opened for Pretty Little Empire, and both put on one hell of a show.  Those Paper Dolls are going places I tell ya.

This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of showing up at a theme party as the only one in costume.  The theme was jean short cut-offs, or so I thought.  I marched into the party wearing recently hacked jeans so short that the pockets are hanging out the bottom.  Megs and I quickly discovered that we were the only ones wearing cut-offs.  Luckily no pictures of me in said jean shorts are available at this time.  Instead, here is an artist’s rendering.

I also hauled my ass downtown Saturday nite for the Silversun Pickups show.  I wrote a short review for the show over here at a friend’s new local St. Louis blog, the St. Louis Smack.  I’ve been invited to write a weekly column for the site and I’m giving it heavy consideration.  But as you can see from my lack of recent posts, I’m not sure if committing to a weekly column is a great idea.  Then again, it would be a big step toward my Year of Consistency.  We’ll see…


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