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The Captain Is A Discoverer

This week has been stupid busy. If I could sum it up in one picture, it would be this:

And although I’ve been busy, it’s been the good kind of busy where I get to see cool cats and do cool things. Seeing as I don’t have the time to write about everything, I thought I’d focus on the best parts for this week’s Friday 5.

Top 5 Discoveries I’ve Made In The Past Week

1. I have a new favorite bar

Last Saturday nite I went to The Waiting Room for only the second time and I am now smitten with the place. For those unfamiliar, it’s an awesome little dive bar up north in St. Ann that’s run by a couple of young metal enthusiasts1. Saturday nite was the opening of their new patio and it was fence-to-fence fun. I saw a bunch of people from Float2K10, a few old friends, and my sister even managed to make it out of South City for a nite. And while at said bar I discovered…

2. My sister still dates people I know

In our youth, Cathie and I went through a phase where we dated each other’s friends regularly. Considering I’m only a year older than her, it seemed to make sense at the time. Fast forward to 2010, and I haven’t dated anyone except my lovely wife in over 6 years2. During that span my sister has steered clear of my friends so effectively that I kinda forgot that her dating someone I know was still an option. Well, Saturday nite I learned that she is now dating a mutual acquaintance of ours. His name is Senn. He is a party monster. He was responsible for most of the killer parties I attended in college. He still knows how it’s done, as I learned on Float2K10.

But just to be clear, Cathie dating Senn is cool with me. It’s just struck me as odd that it didn’t even occur to me that this could happen.

3. I’m not ready to exercise everyday

A couple of weeks back I started running a few miles in the morning before work. Nothing major, just once or twice a week so my body can get used to the stress. Starting slowly has actually made my runs rather enjoyable.

This week I decided to step up my routine by running on consecutive mornings. Big mistake. I was basically dead to the world all day Tuesday.

4. I still wish harm on people from high school

Saturday nite I ran into a guy that I’ve known since grade school but haven’t seen in years. TK was the man back in the day, and still seems pretty cool3. We got to talking about guys we knew and then he made my month with a few stories about my high school arch-enemy, Johnny. When TK brought up his name, I actually shuttered. I HATED that kid back in the day. He’s one of the only people in my entire life that I flat-out hated, and it was mostly due to his intense hatred of me. He was an asshole to me from the first time we met, and I never really knew why.

TK told me two terrible stories that involved Johnny getting his ass kicked and getting cheated on by his wife. And when he was finished with these tales I noticed I inadvertently had a big shit-eating grin on my face. I haven’t seen this kid in probably a dozen years, and yet hearing of his misfortune still brought me satisfaction. And here I thought I had let all those high school feelings go…

5. Everyone I know must have seasonal affective disorder

Seriously, everyone I saw this week was in a good mood. Summer, I love you and so does everyone I know.


The Captain

1. Their slogan “The only rock bar on the Rock Road” is pretty rad.

2. Actually, Megan was technically both of our friends in college. So I guess it’s still going on…

3. Despite the Peyton Manning jersey he was wearing.

The Captain Has Finally Recovered Enough From Float2K10 To Write About It

In the first ten minutes of arriving at the Bass River Resort for Float2K10 I knew I was in for some punishment.  It was around 100 degrees and we had started bonging beers out of a skull & spinal cord beer-bong.

And it went downhill from there.  The rest of the weekend wasn’t exactly a blur, but trying to remember specific details is challenging.  For example, due to the excessive heat I know that I spent the majority of my weekend in the beautiful crystal brown waters of the majestic Huzzah River.  But I’d be hard pressed to provide a more detailed description.  I know I made it through Friday nite relatively intact despite the best efforts of Senn and his backpack of shots.

And that I made it through an all day float Saturday without killing myself.  I remember crashing kinda early on Saturday nite due to exhaustion, and that later I awoke early enough to rally for the final push towards dawn.  I’m sure that Busch Light beer on a necklace shirt was a big hit

And that having my sister as a partner in crime was a big asset.  I definitely made a ton of new friends, including the kick-ass crew from The Waiting Room, and I made a much better showing than I did at Float2K ten years ago.

And besides that, there isn’t much more to say.   It was a care-free 48 hours that I spent the next 72-hours paying for in full.  Diving back into work Monday was pretty challenging, and Tuesday wasn’t much better.  I wasn’t really 100% till Wednesday, and didn’t feel creative enough to write about it till today.  But I guess that’s just the price for admission ten years later.  I guess the best thing to do is to start preparing for Float2K11 right now.  Who’s with me!


The Captain

The Captain Says Ach, Ja & Nicht Nicht: Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

Right now it’s a miserable 95 degrees outside, which means summer must be right around the corner.  And seeing that it’s been seven months since my last installment, I’m replacing today’s regularly scheduled Friday 5 with a summer edition of Ach, Ja and Nicht Nicht!

Ach, Ja and Nicht Nicht – Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

A No Prep Summer – Ach, Ja

For the past several summers I’ve been pre-occupied with some type of pending project.  In 2009 I was prepping for buying a house, 2008 I was adjusting to living in downtown St. Louis, 2007 I was prepping for the wedding and moving to Tallahassee, etc.  This year I blissfully have nothing on the horizon.  Finally!  I actually have time to kick back and enjoy the new house, like I did on Wednesday.

D and I enjoying a cigar on the new deck furniture with the pups

And nice weather + free time = a chance to start exercising again!  Rad!

My 31 Year Old Body’s Enthusiasm at Exercising – Nicht Nicht

Mentally I am psyched to start a running program again after such a long period of inactivity.  I have lots of time available and a gorgeous three mile trail around a lake right across the street from my house.  Now if I could just talk my body into feeling the same excitement…

I began walking a few miles a day this week coupled with some light jogging, and my body is already groaning something fierce.  It’s been about a year since I’ve exercised regularly, and my muscles are going out of their way to remind me of that fact.  I’m doing my best to ease back into activity, but it’s tough when I’ve lost so much ground over the past year.  But I have the whole summer to hopefully get back on track.

Brothers by The Black Keys – Ach, Ja

I’ve been a casual Black Keys fan for a number of years now.  I caught their set at Lollapalooza back in 2005, and I listened to Attack and Release more than a few times back in 2008.  But I always assumed they’d stay a riff heavy guitar and drum band.  Adding a bass and keyboard to the mix didn’t sound like it would work, but the results are undeniably amazing.  I think Brothers is their best album to date, and this was reaffirmed last week during their set at the Pageant.  Not only did they manage to sell out the place, they also managed to rock the face off of everyone in attendance.

I’ve been trying for the last week to find a picture of the super rad backdrop they used, but the  normally reliable internet has failed me.  They’re using a gigantic illustration of two hands triumphantly clasped together in a tire framed picture that is quite a sight.  So instead, enjoy this sly little video for their second single, Tighten Up.

Party Down – Ach, Ja

Why is the second funniest1 show of 2010 on Starz where no one will see it?  I like the idea of it being a cool little under the radar show, but I also think that everyone should be watching it.  Ron Donald should be America’s new loveable loser.

The premise of having a workplace comedy that naturally has a new setting every week is brilliant for television.  And having it on a pay channel is worth it just for the creative cussing.  But I can’t help thinking that if Party Down was on HBO it would be as popular and widespread as Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The Cardinals and The Phillies Stinking Up My Fantasy Team– Nicht Nicht

If it isn’t somehow apparent by now, I like baseball and I love the Phillies and the Cardinals.  Both teams have been playing sub-.500 baseball for the last month, which sucks in of itself.  But this subpar performance is really killing my fantasy baseball team, The Wild Turkeys.

My initial strategy for my team seemed brilliant.  Since I’m playing in my buddy Amir’s league based out of Tampa, I figured I could easily load up my team on Cards and Phils players since everyone in Tampa is American League fans.  I was able to stock up with Howard, Rollins and Ruiz on the Phils and Rasmus, Freese, Penny and Garcia on the Cards at a minimal cost.  This was a great strategy at the beginning of the year, and I propelled me as high as 3rd place in the league.  Then came this extended funk from both the Cards and the Phils, and I’m now 11th place out of 12.

So come on Cardinals and Phillies, pick up the pace already.  Do it for yourselves, but more importantly, do it for The Wild Turkeys!  Gobble Gobble!

Winter’s Bone – Ach, Ja

It’s been a slow year for movies in 2010, but I’m hoping this will change for me tomorrow.  Megs and I are meeting my college roommate Eric and his wife for an opening weekend viewing of Winter’s Bone.  The film is set in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, right outside of my college town.  The entire film was shot on location last year in the Ozarks, and supposedly looks exceptionally accurate.

I first heard about the film in an article back in January when it won the Grand Jury prize at Sundance.  Since then I’ve been anxiously following the film to watch for its release.  The story of a teenage girl tromping through the Ozark woods to find her meth dealing father sounds like my kind of film.  See for yourself.

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24/7 Coverage of the Gulf Oil Spill – Nicht Nicht

Not only is this the worst environmental disaster in the United States, it’s also the most depressing news coverage ever.  Even at the height of all the gloomy news coverage during the Iraq war, there were at least a few stories about newfound freedom or restoring power to a region to brighten my day.  There is no good side to this story.

I understand journalists have an obligation to cover a story this monumental, but it makes me avoid the news altogether.  About the only positive thing to say about the disaster is that all those people I used to mock for getting a worthless degree in marine biology are now plenty busy.

Seed Bombing – Ach, Ja

With so much bad news about the environment, I was

I want to start seed bombing .  It combines all the good feelings of helping green my surroundings with the excitement of using guerilla tactics.  I found this website selling seed bomb vending machines and I’m convinced that downtown St. Louis would really benefit from having one.  Maybe I should plan a seed bombing day downtown.  Who’s with me!?!

AMC – Ach, Ja

AMC just keeps getting better.  2009 was a great year for their two dramas, Breaking Bad and Mad Men, which just happen to be my two current favorite shows.  And if last year was back-to-back home runs for AMC, this year looks to be a grand slam.  First out of the gate this year was the unbelievable season three of Breaking Bad.

Without a doubt, this is the most stressful show I’ve ever seen.  At any moment I’m just waiting for something terrible to happen to one of the characters.  And it’s that anything can happen feeling that makes me love the show so much.  And it features Bob Odenkirk’s wonderfully sleazy lawyer, Saul Goodman.

Next month is the return of Mad Men(!) on AMC, followed by the wild card of the bunch, Rubicon.  And October will see the debut of my favorite comic now in television form, The Walking Dead!

Those four shows + constant reruns of The Karate Kid and Goodfellas = my new favorite network AMC!

Upcoming Surgeries – Nicht Nicht

It’s been a week of bad news health wise.  First, I found out that Desmond’s broken leg is now internally infected.  So instead of getting his cast off soon, he must now get surgery on his leg or risk losing it.  And of course the surgery is ridiculously expensive.

Second, I found out that one of my front two teeth that were damaged in a camping accident six years ago is now abscessed.  So it’s getting yanked next month and being replaced with a pricey bridge.  Two costly surgeries in less than a month really sucks, especially since they are both the result of random accidents.  It’s really soured me on medicine in general.  Now when I see something cute, like the vet techs writing “The Constant” on Desmond’s cast,

My first thought is negative.  Yeah, he’s constantly expensive.

Captain Mike at Scott Air Force Base – ACH, JA!!!

Last weekend was probably the most excited I’ve been all year.  My college buddy Mike was in town with his wife to look at houses in the Metro East.  Mike is currently stationed at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio and just accepted a new post at Scott Air Force Base.  He’ll be moving to Shiloh, Illinois at the beginning of September!  So not only will I finally have another Captain to drink with

His tremendous wife Irene will be here too and only 35 minutes away from our house!

Mike and Irene stayed with us all of last weekend and Megs and I had a marvelously relaxing time.  I know I must have had fun, because I didn’t manage to find time to take any pictures or tweet anything2.

It’s been ten years since Captain Mike lived in the same town as this Captain, and it’s long overdue.  So here’s to St. Louis’ newest Captain.  Cheers!


The Captain

1.  Second to Parks and Recreation, which coincidently also now stars Adam Scott.  Although I heard that Adam leaving for Parks and Recreation has put a third season of Party Down in doubt. And now NBC is talking about canceling Parks and Recreation.  Please don’t Arrested Development these two shows!!!

2.  And, sadly, that is becoming a rare occurrence.  Damn you easy to use technology and social media.

The Captain Loves A Bad Idea

At 1 pm today I am heading to Steelville for the weekend.  I will be canoeing down a river while drinking beer, or going on a “float trip” as it is known in Missouri.  The Captain on a float trip in 2010 is a terrible idea for lots of reasons.  Here are the most glaring reasons:

Top 5 Reasons I Should Not Go On The Float Trip This Weekend

1.  I haven’t been camping or canoeing in years

In my youth I was a proficient at both camping and canoeing.  Years of training in the Boy Scouts helped me to do both activities with relative ease.  But that was a long time ago.  The last time I slept in a tent or stepped foot in a canoe was seven years ago.  I have no idea how much I will remember, but I’ll guess it will be less than I need…

2.  It’s going to be terribly hot

It’s been over 100 degrees in Missouri since Monday.  That’s pretty friggin’ hot.  The weekend forecast originally called for temperatures to drop on Saturday in time for the float, but I’m not that lucky.  Now the cold front is not moving to Missouri until Sunday, just in time for it not to matter.  Dammit.

3.  I’m too old for this shit

Spending 18 hours drinking beer in 100 degree weather was tough ten years ago.  Now that I’m less than a month away from my 32nd birthday, it sounds positively brutal.  I have no idea how my body will react to this kind of punishment, but I’d say the odds aren’t in my favor.

4.  My sister and I are bad influences on each other

Since our childhood my sister and I have tended to get in more trouble together than we ever would have separately.  My blatant disregard for certain rules combined with her gullibility usually made for a disastrous combination.  Even more telling is the fact that we’ve never gone on a float trip together.  The first and only time we were supposed to float together I hit a concrete embankment with my face while we were camping the nite before.  We haven’t attempted a float since.  I’m pretty sure it can’t go much worse this time…

5.  It’s the 10th anniversary of Float2K

This is definitely most troublesome on the list.  For this isn’t just any float trip, it’s Float2K10.  Let me explain.

The summer of 2000 was the last summer of college for me and for many of my friends.  The craziest guys I knew at the time decided to go all out for a monster float trip they designated as Float2K.  It was by far the craziest float I’ve ever attended.  It completely annihilated me.  I was in such bad shape when I got home on Sunday that I had to call in to work on Monday!

Now it’s ten years later, my alcohol tolerance is a fraction of what it once was, and Float2K10 is looming.  Wish me luck.


The Captain

The Captain Is Busy Searching For Another Port To Dock The Quarters

The imminent demise of Blog-City really caught me off guard.  I was actually planning on staying here at Blog-City for quite a while.  I even took a few days last spring to transfer over all of my MySpace blog entries over here figuring that it was worth the effort.  Now it’s a little over a year later and I have to move it all again, only this time I’m moving around 250 entries instead of 25.

It’s funny now, but it never even occurred to me that a blog site that already does so little for its customers could get even lazier.  It’d be different if this was one of the many free blog sites out there, but I actually pay for this shit.  Since they’re too lazy or dumb to take my money and put out the tiniest of efforts to host my blog, I’m now gonna have to learn way more about how the internet works.

I’ve spent some time researching other ways to host the Captains Quarters, and so far I do not like what I see.  A lot of folks are on Tumblr, but I don’t like their layout.  The same goes for WordPress and Blogger.  The host site doesn’t have to be super fancy, but I want it to be a little more visual than what these free sites have to offer.

The only blog site that’s interested me so far is Squarespace.  They seem to have a lot going for their site including a decent looking layout and a couple of interesting widgets.  What remains to be seen is the difficulty level of transferring my entries from there to there.  If I decide to go with a blog hosting site, Squaresoft is definitely the frontrunner.

Alternately, I’ve been toying around with the idea of creating my own site.  And by “creating my own site” I mean finding someone to create it for me on the cheap.  I like the idea of having my own site, but I’m not sure I have the know how to make it work.

About the only thing I do know is that my new blog site will not be anytime soon.  I went looking at prices for domain names online and discover that securing the rights to would cost me over $2,000!  That’s a ridiculous amount of money for a domain name.

I’ll probably be making the decision of where to move in the next couple of weeks, so if anyone has any good suggestions or recommendations let me know.  Before I finish this entry full of self-promotion I want to give a high-five to MTV for the best bit of self-promotion I’ve seen in some time.  Last nite during Jersey Shore, the first commercial break featured the world premier of the trailer for Jackass 3D.

And that’s how you advertise to your core audience.


The Captain

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