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The Captain Honors A Solider

Lance Cpl. Phillip D. Vinnedge was killed last week in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.  He was 19 years old.  Phillip was in Boy Scout Troop 674 with my brothers, Paul and Charlie.  They are attending his funeral today.

I never met Phillip, and I can’t image what it must be like for the hundreds of people he left behind.  Despite my family’s history with both the Military and the Boy Scouts, I still can’t imagine the impact of such a tragic loss.  And it’s that notion that really hit home.

Fifteen years ago I was 17, the same age my brother Paul is now.  And like Paul, I took great pride in being a Boy Scout.  Back then, it was unimaginable that a fellow scout could be killed fighting in a war.  Today it is commonplace.

It’s all too easy to tune out the news of the two wars that the United States Military is fighting.  It’s also easy to not think about the hundreds of brave young men and women that die every year in the service of their country.  The sacrifices they’ve made are far greater than I will ever understand.  So instead of trying, I will instead do my best to honor their memory.

Phillip Vinnedge was a good scout and a good soldier.  He served the uniform bravely and for that he deserves to be honored.  May he rest in peace.


The Captain

The Captain Needs A New Closer

My busy season at work is almost winding down.  Almost.  As such, I’ve had enough spare time this week to start a few blog posts, but never enough time to finish them.  I actually started writing four blogs this week, but time constraints kept me from posting them.  So I’ve decided to post the abbreviated versions as my Friday 5 this week.

Top 5 Blogs I Almost Posted This Week

1.  The Captain’s Weekend Was Packed Full Of Broloney

From Monday – This past weekend I decided to Twitter update my weekend alone at home while my wife was out of town in Philly.  And despite my attempts at avoiding a stereotype, I mostly just sat around with a group of revolving bros doing the dumb stuff that guys do when left to their own advices.

Bad food, poker and an Eastbound and Down marathon.  Typically dumb and predictably wonderful.  Every guy needs a brosef weekend once in a while.  Thanks to all my bros that made mine a success.

2. The Captain Hits 1,000

From Tuesday – I didn’t notice it until today, but Monday was my 1,000th tweet on Twitter.  If I was paying attention, I would have made some kind of snarky comment about it.  Instead, I took the opportunity to declare my dislike of the retiring long-time manager of the Atlanta Braves, Bobby Cox.

I’m still not quite sure how I feel about Twitter.  I mostly use Twitter to post updates to my Facebook wall.  About the only real benefit of Twitter is being able to stay in touch with a few friends who don’t like Facebook1.  Occasionally a celebrity or comedian has something funny to say, but more often it’s just a lot of mindless chatter and shameless promotion.

3.  The Captain Is Going Back In Time

From Wednesday – Today is the third anniversary of the day I married my lovely wife.  We are postponing the celebration until Saturday, because celebrating during the week sucks.  Instead, we are going to a winery in Augusta for dinner on Saturday.  And there will be more celebrating on October 25.  I bought us tickets for this awesome show as an anniversary gift.  Megan is a huge Back To The Future fan, so I figured seeing the 25 year anniversary rerelease in theatres would be her speed.

Megan gave me a super-sweet 2010 Postseason Phillies shirt she picked-up in Philadelphia over the weekend as a gift.  She’s so thoughtful!  Happy anniversary baby, you’re the best!

4.  The Captain Quarters Hits 100,000

From Thursday – 100K!!!  The Captains Quarters is into six digits baby, and just in time!  Next month is my three year anniversary at the quarters, as well as my final month here.

Granted, I know that 100,000 haven’t actually read my blog.  I assume a good chunk of those clicks were people googling random words and clicking on my result.  For example, something on October 1st led 300 people in Taiwan to click here.  Why?  I have no idea.

But still, 100,000 feels pretty cool.  I’m currently averaging over 1,000 hits a week and I hate that I will have to basically start from scratch soon.  But no complaints.  To my handful of faithful readers, thanks for your support over the years.  I’ve had a great run here at the Captains Quarters, and it’s this really makes me feel like I’m going out on top.  Cheers!

5.  The Captain Needs A New Closer

From Friday – You just read this one.

So, looks like I managed to finish one out of 5 for the week.  I’m batting .200, just like the 2010 Cardinals!


The Captain

1.  Yes, I’m talking about you @marcps

The Captain Makes It Up For Skipping Out On His Anniversary

Today is the third anniversary of the day I married my lovely wife.  I am celebrating by going to see Band of Horses at the Pageant tonight without her.  I know that sounds rather bad. Actually, we are postponing the celebration until Saturday, when we are going to a winery in Augusta for dinner.  And there will be more celebrating on October 25.  I bought us tickets for this awesome show as an anniversary gift.  Megan gave me this super-sweet 2010 Postseason Phillies shirt she picked-up in Philadelphia over the weekend as a gift.    So as you can see, we are doing lots of fun activities to recognize our anniversary.  Still, I feel slightly guilty not spending the evening with Megan, especially after spending most of the past weekend with friends.  So let me take this opportunity to wish Megan a happy anniversary and say that I love her very much.


The Captain

The Captain’s Pup Is One Year Old

Yesterday was Desmond’s first birthday. I didn’t think much of it since dogs have no way of understanding the concept of a birthday. Megan, on the other hand, thought we should celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than with silly hats and doggie ice cream!

Megan managed to find a teeny-tiny birthday hat for the occasion. I figured the hat would last for about 15 seconds before Desmond tore it to shreds, but I seriously underestimated his love of ice cream. To be fair to Hugo, Megan gave both dogs a bowlful of Frosty Paws.

They spent the next 10 minutes furiously licking the bowl clean. Once finished, Desmond promptly turned his attention to the silly hat on his head and we quickly removed it. Then Desmond went back to barking at Hugo and running around the house. Still, a pretty good birthday for a dog. Happy birthday buddy!


The Captain

The Captain Took A Month Off

So yeah, about September…

As you hopefully noticed, I didn’t post anything here last month. Much like last September, I have been extremely busy for the last 30 days. Doing what, you might ask? Funny you should mention it, because that’s the topic for a back-from-hiatus Friday 5.

Top 5 Things That Kept Me From Posting In September

1. My Job
As much as I love posting here at the Captains Quarters, I love my job a great deal more. My job sticks to a specific yearly timeline, and the busiest time on the office calendar is from mid August through the beginning of October. September will be crunch time at work for me in the foreseeable future, so expect a lite month of posts next year as well.

2. Computer Crap
At the end of August my home PC finally died. It had been on its last leg for several months, so I was prepared for the eventual collapse. Most of my files were already on a backup hard drive, so I didn’t really lose anything when I transitioned to my brand new HP. But transferring files and setting up all my programs takes quite a bit of time. Spending all day on my work computer and all evening on my home computer didn’t really motivate me to sit down and type in my spare time.

Also not motivating me was the impending closing of Blog-City. Some of my neighbors have already jumped ship, and I’ve been doing what prep work I can to start my transition. It’s hard to post here knowing that I will just have to transfer it soon anyways. But I’ve decided to keep posting here until the move is mostly over. But yeah, I haven’t been really happy with computers over the last month. To quote Kenny Powers, “I don’t own a printer and I hate computers, all kinds.”

3. Captain Mike moved to town

My college roommate Captain Mike is finally here! It’s been 10 years since Captain Mike and I have lived in the same town! The Captain and his lovely wife Irene moved to Shiloh, Illinois1 at the end of August to the delight of many.

Since then I’ve seen them pretty much every time the opportunity presented itself. What can I say; the only thing better than new friends is new-old friends! Welcome to town, Captain!

4. Baseball

September is all about baseball. The playoff hunt goes into overdrive and I’m usually glued to the coverage. Unfortunately for me, right before September came the Cardinals forgot how to win baseball games. I hung in and watched them lose a pathetically large number of games up until last week, when I finally threw in the towel. The 2010 Cardinals were fun to watch when they were firing on all cylinders, but that wasn’t most of the time. Even though I knew the Cardinals were bound to miss the postseason, I still had a great time going to home games in September. I had an all day baseball event for my birthday again this year

And I went with the Tuesday Nite Right Field Heckling Club to my last game of the year earlier this week.

And while the Cardinals gave up, my other favorite team really stepped up their game. Congrats to the Phillies for winning the NL East for a third year in a row! And speaking of winning, a late surge on my part took me all the way to 7-of-12 in my fantasy baseball league. I’m #7! I’m #7! Actually, I was pretty happy with my finish considering that this same team finished 12-of-12 in 2009.

5. A ton of really fun stuff

It would be a travesty if I didn’t take the time to at least mention the many wonderful things I did in September. Meg and I finally had our housewarming party, and only ten months late! Sunday of Labor Day weekend was a solid ten hours of good times and great people.

And I only managed to piss off one person!

I spent a lot of time drinking with good friends at super cool places. My buddy Timmy put together an all day wine and beer fest in Wildwood call The Amazing Taste that managed to draw several hundred people. Very impressive. And I spent several nites at my favorite local watering hole, The Waiting Room. Here I am with the classiest bartender this side of Lindbergh.

Scottie and I both turned 32 in September, so cheers to us! And of course I have to mention the best concert I’ve seen this year – the Flaming Lips at the Pageant!!!

Here’s a great review of this unbelievable show that I will remember forever.

And while all of these fun things made for a memorable month, some of the best times I had were lying around the house with Meg and the dogs. Meg and I both had a really busy September, and it was incredibly reassuring to know that we are always there for each other. Thanks baby, I couldn’t have made it through my jam-packed month without you.


The Captain

1. Mike and Irene didn’t actually move to St. Louis; they moved to St. Louis’ bastard stepchild, metro-east Illinois. Mike is a Captain in the Air Force and decided to stay close to the base where he is now stationed. So they live about 45 minutes from us, which isn’t too bad considering they used to live four hours away.

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