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The Captain Is Not Snowed In He Is Just Too Lazy To Do Anything

While I’ve been documenting the Captains Return, I’ve also been sitting at my computer in the front of my house looking out my front window for two straight days.  It’s now been 48 hours since I’ve left my house.  It’s been equal parts exciting and disheartening.

The excitement has come from watching what the weather is doing to the ground in front of my house in real time.  Three inches of sleet and ice covered by three inches of snow looks pretty, and looks like it’s been a monster to deal with.  This tough mixture is sticking to the ground and not letting go.  Check out this snow plow in front of my house trying to clear the street and failing big time.


At the same time, it’s been really disheartening to watch gangs of grown men shovel my driveway for me.

I live in a community that has a monthly required homeowners association fee.  Part of that fee goes towards paying a company for snow removal.  I’m fine with that in the abstract, but watching it first hand makes me feel über-lazy.  I’m an able-bodied adult male sitting at my computer watching other able-bodied adult males do manual labor on my behalf.  I’m the worst!


The Captain

The Captains Return Unleashes A New Era Of Prosperity

So now that the Captain has returned, what can be expected?


More content.  More visual material.  More updates.  More focus.  More everything.

During my hiatus from the Quarters, I had a chance to reflect on my blog through it’s first four years of existence.  A pattern that seemed to repeat often was silence then noise.  In years past I would go several days to weeks at a time without posting anything, and then drop a mega-post.  This kind of sporadic output  seems common to many blogs, and I find it frustrating as a reader.  Hearing nothing for days and then wading through a 15 minute read feels cumbersome to me when I’m reading someone else’s blog, so I assume this is probably the case for the Captains Quarters as well.

Frequently when I get an idea for a post, I’ll classify it as either too small to be interesting or so big that it will take a considerable amount of time to finish.  With small ideas I’ll usually wait several days and then lump several of them together under some arbitrary theme.  With a big idea, I’ll usually fret over the scope of it for a few days and then spend hours trying to type it out.  The results of these are usually less than ideal.

So my plan for the new and improved Captains Quarters is to narrow the focus and increase the output.  For a good example, take my Friday 5 list.  What started out as a fun little way to highlight some of my favorite things turned into five increasingly longer discussions of abstract concepts.  This is not what I intended, as it is not how I converse in real life.  If I was speaking to a friend about my top 5 musical duos, I would simply list them in order:

5.  The Captain And Tennille

4.  Hall and Oates

3.  The Black Keys

2.  Flight of the Conchords

1.  The White Stripes1

I might spend a minute or two discussing one of the bands, but I wouldn’t go into a lengthy discussion on the merits of each band and what they mean to me personally.  Yet this is how many of my past blogs were written.  This is going to change.

The most effective way for me to facilitate this change is to establish guidelines for my ideas as a way to reign them in tighter.  Accordingly, I plan to increase the number of cyclical post topics.  I’m going to keep my Friday 5 list and try and go back to a weekly posting.  I’m going to start weekly posts of what I’m calling Photos From The Bow and Photos From the Stern, meaning I’ll post a pic every week from a snap of my iPhone, and a pic from the past.  Pictures are what I respond to most on other people’s blogs, so why not include more here?

Also, I plan on including much more music here at the Captains Quarters.  2011 marks the 10th installment of my wildly popular Modern Rock series, and this year I intend to make it a more interactive process.  I will be posting contenders for Modern Rock 2011 throughout the year and I’ll be asking for feedback on which tracks should make the cut.  Also, I love suggestions so please feel free to leave any and all in the comment section.

Besides that, I plan on bringing back topics like Ach, Ja and Nicht Nicht, as well as the Captains Crew VIPs and an expanded categories list.  I have other ideas that I’m willing to try and see if they pan out, like a movie review of the latest leaked screeners to hit the internet, or a what I was doing on this date a decade ago.  And I’m sure that many more ideas will make their way to the Quarters.

I’m also planning to keep fiddling with the layout of the Captains Quarters from time to time.  Hopefully I’ll find some more fun widgets or other bits of code to add here and there.

As I said at the top of this post, expect more from the Captains Quarters in 2011.  This ship set sail yesterday; I hope everyone is on board and ready for full steam ahead.


The Captain

1.  The announcement today that the White Stripes are finished has musical duos stuck in my mind.  The White Stripes were by far the best and they will be missed.

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