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The Captain Discusses Modern Rock 2010

In what’s become an annual tradition here at the Captain’s Quarters, I will spend the next week reviewing my yearly Modern Rock discs.  Since this is one of the first entries of the new and improved Captain’s Quarters, it seems like a good opportunity to explain my Modern Rock discs for new readers.

Back in 2002 I was having a conversation with Captain Mike about the year in music.  He asked me to burn him a disc with some of my favorite tracks from that year.   While working on the playlist it occurred to me that this was something that several of my friends would probably enjoy.  When I finished the disc, I burnt around 20 copies and gave them away as X-mas gifts.

After an overwhelmingly positive response from my friends, I put more effort into the endeavor in 2003 and gave away even more copies as gifts.  By then it occurred to me that Modern Rock was just the kind of small gift that I love giving away; it’s handmade, personal, cheap to make, and my friends seem to enjoy it.  I’ve kept the same formula since the beginning, which consists of two simple rules.

1. All tracks must have been released in the previous 12 months1 either as a single or as part of an album.

2. Only one track allowed per band2.

Over the years Modern Rock has slowly turned into a yearlong event that cumulates in December each year.  Every year around February I’ll start a playlist for the year and add tracks up until around November, at which point I’ll start whittling the list down until it fits on an 80 minute disc.  In 2005 I started including a second companion disc with Modern Rock.  That year I made two discs full of tracks from 2005 because I loved too many songs that year to fit on one discs.  Other years I’ll pick a theme for the companion disc, like last year when I made a disc of my favorite cover songs from the previous decade.

With this being a fantastic year for music, I opted to make two Modern Rock discs full of 2010 music.  With so many great bands releasing fantastic albums this year, I knew by June that 2010 would be a double disc year.  As with 2005 and 2008, I tried to keep harder songs on disc one and slower songs on disc two the best I could.  With that said, here are the 43 tracks I will be discussing.

Check back tomorrow for Part Eins as my Friday 5!


The Captain

1  In actuality, the time frame for qualification is roughly November of the previous year through November of the current year.  This is largely for my convenience, as I find in too hard to make judgments on music released at the end of the calendar year.  For example, I’m currently listening to The Secret Sisters self-titled album that was released in December.  If I like one of the songs, it will end up on Modern Rock 2011 even though it was released in 2010.  Capiche?

2  This had to be modified slightly by what has come to be known as the Jack White Exception.  Seeing as Jack doesn’t feel the need to limit himself to just one band, you may hear his voice on more than on track per disc.  For example, a disc may include a Raconteurs song and a White Stripes song, but not two White Stripes songs.

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