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The Captain Discusses Modern Rock Covers Part Drei

11.  Next Girl – The Black Keys

Who would’ve predicted that 2010 would be the breakout year for the Black Keys?  They were everywhere this year promoting Brothers, their sixth(!) studio album.  It’s like the rest of the world finally caught up to the best duo in modern rock.  By finally opening up their sound to include more instruments, the Keys crafted a sound ready to be embraced by rock fans everywhere.  Everyone seemed to be talking about them in 2010; their show at the Pageant back in June was PACKED.  This track is catchy as hell for a break-up song, and seemed to have the perfect amount of throwback sound.  Not bad for a couple of nerds from Akron.

12.  How You Like Me Now – The Heavy

The throwback sound seemed to be everywhere in 2010, nowhere more so than this hugely popular song.  This song was everywhere this year:  in commercials, TV shows, and as the theme song for Oscar nominated film The Fighter.  And despite the media saturation of this song, very few people seemed to know anything about it, including me.  I never picked up their album, I know nothing about them, not that there is much to know.  I like that I don’t need to know as this song pretty much speaks for itself.  Picking a great sample and including rushing crescendo of horns is an easy way to get that mass appeal.  This song managed to sound familiar and yet brand new at the same time, which is no easy task.  It screams one hit wonder to me, and I’m fine with that.

13.  Moneygrabber – Fitz & the Tantrums

The retro parade continues with this catchy little ditty from a consciously throwback band.  I first saw this on my other favorite source for new music, MTV2’s late nite video show Subterranean.  The visuals alone made this song worth checking out.

Of all the throwback music coming out this year, Fitz & the Tantrums seems to be the most committed.  Singers Michael Fitzpatrick and Noelle Scaggs have the style down and they have a full horn section to back them up.  I hear their live show is pretty energetic, something that I might actually see firsthand next weekend.  The band is coming to Blueberry Hill next weekend and I’m debating on catching the show with my wife.

14.  Fuck You – Cee Lo Green

This song was genius.  Pure genius.  Cee Lo cranked up his own personal pop meter till it broke and made the year’s catchiest song that no one could repeat.  His whole album, The Ladykiller, displays the kind of confidence that is rarely seen in the deserving.  Volumes have already been written about his year, so no need for me to say much more than Well Done.

15.  Bang Bang Bang – Mark Ronson & the Business Intl

The throwback parade winds to a close with another track that I grabbed from Subterranean.  I didn’t know that super producer Mark Ronson was making an album of his own until I saw this video.

Why did this guy waste so long making music for other people?  With his retro sensibility and strong production sense he should have gone the way of Danger Mouse a long time ago.  He has so much pop sensibility, yet still knows how to keep his songs legit.  And based on his pairing here with Q Tip, I think these two need to form a Gnarls Barkley type supergroup1.  Great song from one of the best producers in rock.  Glad he’s finally getting his due.


The Captain

1  Scotty Trippin?  Patrick Brewing?  Swiss David Robertson?

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