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The Captains Knows Arcade Fire

The Grammys were last nite and I of course did not watch the show.1  So I was surprised to learn that Arcade Fire beat out Lady Gaga and Eminem for the Album Of The Year award.  In my view the Grammys have always pretty much given awards based on either popularity or longevity and not quality.  This makes it very odd that they actually recognized a quality album, especially one that wasn’t released on a major label.

But even more surprising was the backlash against Arcade Fire.  I understand that millions of Justin Bieber fans were pissed that he lost Best New Artist to a Jazz Musician(!), but I’m surprised that so many people had never heard of Arcade Fire.

To me, Arcade Fire is all anyone talked about last year.  They’ve been so heralded by the music media that I follow for so long now that they seem like an institution.  In fact, it seemed like the hipster thing to do last year was to call Arcade Fire “too mainstream now.”  I guess I must live in my own little music bubble, because apparently lots of people have never heard them.  So much so that somebody actually started a Tumblr site last nite at

So well done Grammys, for a change.  Oh wait, you gave Neil Young the award for Best Rock Song over The Black Keys, Mumford & Sons, Kings Of Leon and Muse.  Nevermind.


The Captain

1.  The last year I watched was 1998.  That year Will Smith won the Best Rap Performance award for “Men In Black,” beating Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Missy Elliot and Notorious B.I.G.  No sane person could claim that Will Smith was a better rapper than any of the other nominees, so I’ve boycotted the Grammys ever since.

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