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The Captains Crew VIPs: Part Zwei

Two years ago I wrote a post about my awesome friend Mike1.  I fully intended to write more posts about the awesome things that my friends are involved with.  And yet somehow I forgot to follow up on this idea.  Today seems like a good time to resurrect this category, so time big-up the newest member of The Captains Crew VIPs

This is Mort.

Mort grew up a few streets away from my childhood home.  He was hysterically funny and a pretty talented skater, which by nature meant he was kind of a slacker.  However, unlike most of the slackers I knew in my youth Mort was determined to give comedy a try.  He moved to Chicago, made a name for himself in the underground comedy scene, and eventually moved to LA.  Now he’s actually doing quite well.  He’s a member of Sad On Vacation, a great sketch comedy troupe.  The group is a regular on the internet’s best source for sketch comedy, Funny Or Die.  This week they had a sketch that was featured on FOD’s main page.

Here my favorite sketch that features Mort, the Jaworski Law sketch.

Mort also had a pretty good thing going last year.  He got a shout out on A.V. Club’s comedy page last year, and he did some work with this guy.

Bob friggin’ Odenkirk!  Most impressive.

My high school posse has always known Mort is a funny guy and it’s nice to see him achieve some success in the comedy world.  So for making comedy pay off, Mort is the newest member of the Captains Crew VIPs.


The Captain

1.  Mike is still a cool dude.  He has a really sweet podcast that I enjoy.  Check it out here.

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