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The Captains Is Gonna Miss Jimmy Ballgame

All the talk in St. Louis this week was about Albert Pujols’ contract deadline with the Cardinals1. But as a diehard Cardinals fan, today’s news that Jim Edmonds is retiring is much harder to take. Jimmy was trying to make a comeback for one more season with the Cardinals, but an aggravated foot injury finally made him throw in the towel.

Since he came to the Cardinals back in 2000, Edmonds was one of my favorite players. I was really excited for the chance to see him in Cardinal red one more time. So in honor of Jimmy Ballgame, my Friday 5 is all about him.

Top 5 Things I’m Going To Miss About Jim Edmonds

1. His circus catches

No one play center field like Jim Edmonds. He’s was hands down the best center fielder to ever play for the Cardinals. He won 8 gold gloves in 9 years! Back in 2005 when I had half-season tickets in the bleachers, my favorite thing was watching Jimmy catch the ball up close. His diving catch in Game 7 of the 2004 NLCS was so amazing they actually made a baseball card out of it.

2. His sweet home run swing

Jimmy liked high heaters, and you could tell just by watching his swing if it was going out of the park.

That’s a no doubter!

3. His connection to the community

Unlike a lot of players that pass through, Jimmy actually tried to build relationships in St. Louis. He was a presence here, from media appearances to golf tournaments to late nite sightings. And the club he opened up downtown, F15teen, was a boon for the neighborhood. His joint was only two blocks from my loft downtown, and it did and still does bring lots of business to the area. Investing in the community goes a long way in this city.

4. The gay jokes

As much as I loved Edmonds, it was hard not to makes jokes about his sometimes feminine ways. I never thought he was actually homosexual, but I still enjoyed making the occasional crack about his manhood. And with pictures like this

And this

how could I not crack a few jokes. Still, it was all done with love.

5. He came up big in big games

Jimmy always did well in the post season, which is a difficult thing to do under pressure. His four RBIs in the 2006 World Series directly led to a few wins. But for me, his defining moment was the home run he hit in extra innings in Game 6 of the NLCS. The look on his face summed up how every Cardinal fan felt at that exact moment.

YES!!!  That home run forced a Game 7, and which would send the Cardinals to the World Series for the first time in 17 years. That’s a winner!


The Captain

1. The media saturation on this topic has gotten real old real quick. But what really bothers me is the constant talk of a negation deadline passing. This is ridiculous. If the Cardinals management called Pujols’ agent and offered a 10-year $400 million contract, are we supposed to believe that his agent would tell them to wait till the offseason?

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