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The Captain Is Ready To Open The Season

I’ve been waiting for today for five months; it’s finally Opening Day!


I have lots of thoughts on the upcoming baseball season.  My fantasy team is looking like a force to reckon with this year.  As a Phillies fan, I’m beyond excited with the 2011 squad.  But as a primary lover of the Cardinals, I have some mixed emotions.  Today I keep thinking about how today may be the last time I see my favorite Cardinal, Chris Carpenter, pitch a home opener.  It may be the last time Albert Pujols starts a season in St. Louis.  But for today I’m going to ignore the negatives and focus on the beauty of celebrating baseball.  The 2011 season is finally here!


The Captain

The Captain Is Over It

Spring is supposed to be here, but so far not so much.  The dogs and I are getting restless; we’re both ready to get active again.  Here’s what we’d rather be doing.

I get exercise, they get worn out.  Win win.  So come on weather, help me out here.


The Captain

The Captain Dials It Back A Bit: MR 2011-7

This week’s Two For Tuesday is considerably more mellow than last week.  First on the list is Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes.

It already seems like what I refer to as “granola rock” is set to make a big push again this year.  Much like in 2008, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, and Blitzen Trapper are all due to release albums in 2011.  If this song is an indicator of things to come, then it’s gonna be a good year.

Second this week is Forget That You’re Young by The Raveonettes

I’ve been a fan of The Raveonettes for quite a few years. 

Their sound varies greatly from album to album, which is a good think more often than not.  They’ve been included in four previous Modern Rock discs and it looks like they’re already a strong contender for making their fifth appearance with this beautiful little song.

Their new album, Raven In The Grave, is coming out next Tuesday, April 5.  Three days later, I’m planning to catch them here in St. Louis at the Firebird with Nikki the Intern.  Should be a good show; I’m sure I will discuss it in detail afterwards.  So until then, enjoy!


The Captain

The Captain Is Not Always A Multi-Tasker

So on weeknite one of my week alone, I decided to try and cook myself dinner.  It has probably been at least 4-5 years since I’ve tried to cook myself an actual meal.  The good news was that the meal was a success!

The bad news is it took me an hour and a half to do what it usually takes my wife about 20 minutes to accomplish.  I followed my wife’s recipe for buffalo chicken chili to the letter, which is what took me so long.  Cooking is complicated and hard; it’s precooked meals for me the rest of this week.


The Captain

The Captains Is Never Alone

Meg is leaving on Saturday to stay with her father while her mother is on vacation for ten days.  So once again I’ve got the place to myself for awhile. 

I love living with my lovely wife and I try to be respectful of her as my roommate.  So having a week to myself is a chance to indulge in the type of activates that I normally avoid or minimize.  My plans for my alone time this week are coincidently the topic of Friday 5.

Top 5 Things I Can Enjoy When I’m Home Alone

1.  Not wearing pants

I’m not even going to try and claim that I wear pants all the time when my wife is home.  However, I do try and regulate how often I parade around the house in my drawers.  I realize that sitting on the couch in boxers tends to inadvertently give my wife a view of my junk, so I usually try and wear a pair of shorts or track pants when I’m home.  But for the next ten days, it’s no pants for me.1

2.  Eating Seafood

Megan is a seafood hater.  She hates the taste and she hates the smell.  As a seafood lover I almost never bring it into the house.  I see a giant pile of jumbo shrimp in my future.

3.  Getting my B&B on

I tend to turn in to Beavis and Butthead when I’m watching television alone.  I most watch dumb comedies or movies and laugh like an idiot. 

4.  Drink cheap beer

I like all kinds of beer, but I usually drink decent beer around the house to keep the smell to a minimum.  So if you’re planning on coming over in the next ten days, better BYOB unless you’re cool with Busch Light.

5.  Losing the bet from Seinfeld’s “The Contest”

Let’s just say I don’t plan on being Master of my Domain and leave it at that.


The Captain

1  This does not include when company is present.  So you can come over and not have to fear seeing my nether-regions.

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