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The Captains Holiday In The Sonoma Of The Show-Me State

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been unplugged for the last several days.  I’m back from a much need holiday that lasted most of last week.  Didja miss me?

Meg and I have wanted to take a short, relatively affordable trip for quite awhile.  But with airline tickets pretty high and driving options limited, we hit a roadblock.  Eventually we decided to book a few nights at a bed and breakfast in Hermann, MO.  We spent our first anniversary here, and thought it would be fun to return six years later.

For those unfamiliar, Hermann is a German founded town on the Missouri River known as a wine producing center in the state.  Lots wineries and great hillside views sounded like a nice place to spend a few days.

We were hoping against odds that the weather would be semi-decent for our little holiday.  While grey, rainy skies and 40° isn’t exactly ideal, I guess it could’ve been worse.  Besides the dreary weather, everything else was wonderful.  We stayed at Hermann Hill, which features lots of great amenities like comfy rooms with a fireplace and a hot tub

Lots of food, including bedtime snacks!

And plenty of peace and quiet.  Plus the B&B is walking distance to the largest winery in town.  Useful!

Besides relaxing around our room, we spent most of our time at the local wineries.  Here’s Meg in the spookiest wine cellar I’ve ever seen.

Medieval!   We spent a little bit of time in Hermann, and I have to say that the town is trying it’s hardest to attract visitors.  The town was offering bonus gift certificates dubbed “Hermann Bucks” to lure in tourists.  Normally I’m skeptical when a tourism center hands out fake money that can be spent anywhere in town just like cash.  These deals are typically only good at a few places and come with tons of conditions.  I was reluctant to try it out, but Meg gave me a nudge and we soon discovered these Hermann Bucks were the real deal.

They gave us $40 for free, which we were more than happy to spend!  Between the free loot and the deep discount on the midweek room rate, our little holiday was surprisingly affordable.

But more than anything, it was relaxing.  We dropped the doggies off with my mother-in-law for the duration of the trip, so we were able to enjoy some time with just the two of us.  And when Megan eventually began missing the dogs, she could just go outside and pet the two black labs that live on the grounds.

It was wonderful to get away from work, home and the internet for a few days.  This morning I was all geared up to jump back into my life, and I was rewarded with steady snow and an hour long commute.  Snowy weather and Mondays are terrible for reintroductions but every time is like the first with you, internet.  Glad to be back at The Captains Quarters.


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