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The Captain Goes Down Under: MR 2011-5

This week’s tracks are both from artist who are big in Australia despite not being from the land down under. 

First up “Map Of Tasmania (Young Punx Mix)” by Amanda Palmer and Peaches.  (Heads up, I wouldn’t watch this video at work or any other public place.)

So yeah, give yourself a minute as that is a lot to take in at one time.  While the video is pretty eye opening, the song by itself is a little more subtle.  Usually I don’t enjoy dance remixes, as they’re mostly just faster versions of the original with a jumpy beat.  But this one manages to extract the good parts of the acoustic original and blend them in with break beats.  Plus it has a cameo from Peaches!

Next up is “Second Chance” by Peter Bjorn and John.

This Swedish trio is probably best known for their ultra-catchy song “Young Folks” back in 2007.  This time around they stick with the wordless melody theme and continue to find success.  I dig the song but the video feels a little tired to me; the “bands playing in reverse” theme has been done to death already.

I’m guessing that neither song will make the final cut this year, but they’re still enjoyable and worth considering.   Anyone out there have a strong opinion either way?


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