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The Captain Loves The Master Roaster

If you haven’t already, you should check out last nite’s roast of Donald Trump.  I absolutely love celebrity roasts; I’ve already watched last nite’s show twice.  My love of roasts started back in college and is directly attributable to one man.  ROSS!

Jeff Ross was my favorite comic back in college, and it was his participation in Comedy Central’s first televised roast that sparked my interest.  I was obsessed with Ross back in college.  I heavily lobbied for Missouri State’s student council to bring him to campus.  When my persistence finally paid off and Ross was booked for a campus show, I even managed to convince them to let me and my buddy Josh pick him up from the airport.  Ross sat it the back of Josh’s car on the ride to campus and ripped on us for the whole ride; it was HILARIOUS!  I have some pictures with him buried in a shoebox somewhere that I will post when they are found.

Jeff’s footage from last nite isn’t available on the web yet, so here are some of my favorite sets from previous roasts.

And while Ross will probably be known mostly for roasting, his standup material is just as solid.  I was a big fan of the poetry from his act back in the day.  Here’s my favorite.  Enjoy!

My Father’s Poem For My Mother by Jeff Ross

Your smile blooms like a bright summer flower.

Your hair flows down like a soft rain shower.

Your eyes are like open seas, blue from coast to coast.

So, how come your ass looks like a truck?

Enough with the bread already.


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