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The Captain Takes A Shortcut The Long Way

I’ve had a few people ask me to elaborate on my misfortune from this past weekend, so I’ve elected to do so here at The Quarters. 

Early in the morning on Sunday I was leaving my buddy Captain Mike’s house in Illinois.  As I was driving home on I-255, I missed the exit for I-270.  There was not an exit past the interchange for another five miles, and I was running late for an appointment.  So I decided to save myself a few minutes by driving over the grass median to head back the opposite way on the highway.

In doing so, I overlooked several important facts.  First, it had rained pretty hard overnite.  Second, my crappy little Saturn only has front wheel drive and not much power.  Third, driving over the median is clearly illegal if I was to get caught.  You may be able to guess where this is going…

Yep, I got myself stuck in the mud.  At this point it is five in the morning, still dark and I’m decently far away from civilization.  I felt pretty screwed.  I tried to dislodge my car, but after about 30 minutes minutes I determined that I was probably just digging myself in deeper.  As I was using my iPhone to Google tow truck companies, a benevolent fellow in a pickup stopped behind me.  This saintly gentleman helped me drag my car out of the mud and then went on his way.  I’m really friggin’ lucky that he saved my ass.  So thank to the Good Samaritan in the camo hat driving the blue Toyota pickup with Illinois plates.  Very much appreciated.

Besides missing my early morning appointment, I also paid the price for my foolish decision later that afternoon.  It took over an hour for me to wash out all of the mud that was caked to the bottom of my car.  So in summation, attempting a ten minute shortcut added two extra hours to my Sunday.  Guess I’ll go the long way next time…


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