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The Captain Is Entering A World Of Pain

I attended my first meeting as a board member of my neighborhood’s home owners association last nite and it was not at all what I expected.  My neighborhood is new construction houses that have just finished selling out, so many of the homeowners have never met.  We arranged for everyone in the neighborhood to meet up at a nearby restaurant for some introductions and socialization.  I thought it would be a light affair for our neighbors to put some names to faces.  And it actually started out pretty lite and social, but quickly took a turn for the worse when Walter Sobchak started talking.

I’m not sure what this gentleman’s real name is, so I decided to refer to him as Walter because he has the exact same angry Vietnam vet persona.  Walter decided that this social meeting was the perfect time to angrily bring up lots of ridiculous topics.  He monopolized most of the meeting with random questions, angry rants and several uses of the phrase “you people.”  He actually announced to everyone that he has PTSD!?! It might sound funny, but it was cringe inducing.

While it was pretty awkward for the 40 or so other people at the meeting, at least I now feel confident that no one will mind when I ignore him in future meetings.  Welcome to the neighborhood!


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