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The Captains Car Keys : MR 2011-14

Earlier this month, I gave a big shout out to the reunion of The Cars on a previous Two For Tuesday.  Now that I’ve had some time to live with their new album, I’m really digging Sad Song.

And while I still think my earlier pick of Blue Tip is still valid, I’m thinking that Sad Song may be favorite song on the album.  The track sounds like it could’ve been a b-side from any of the band’s top selling singles in the 1980s.  I’m interested to see which of these two songs will end up being included in Modern Rock 2011.  It’s still way too early to know at this point.

This week’s second track is a real no-brainer:  Dearest by The Black Keys.

After ruling the modern rock charts in 2010, it’s nice to see The Black Keys back so soon with new music.  It seems unlikely that they will release an album this year, so contributing to an album of cover songs seems like a great way to stay relevant in a down year for the band.  This cool little cover of Buddy Holly’s sweet original is part of a whole album of Buddy Holly covers.  And while Dearest has already been covered by several artists, the band makes it their own with this groovey rendition.  Glad to see that The Black Keys are still on a roll; really looking forward to their next album!


The Captain

The Captain Views The Damage

The majority of the news here in Missouri over the past week has been about the terrible storms ripping through the state. Wednesday saw another strong set of storms tear through Missouri after Sunday’s devastating tornados. The constant stream of news coming out of tornado ravaged Joplin has been eye-opening. What’s really struck me is some of the images to emerge from the storm damage. So for today’s Friday 5 I’m posting the most striking photographs of the tornado damage that I’ve seen this week.

Top 5 Striking Photos Of Joplin’s Tornado Damage

1. Destroyed Helicpoter In Front Of Damaged Hospital

2. First responders As Night Falls On Sunday

3. Arial View Of The Damaged Area

4. Before And After Streetview Using Google Streetview

5. Wood Beam Through a Concrete Curb

For more before and after picture comparisons, check out here and here.

It’s been a rough week here in Missouri, but I’ve been really inspired at the relief effort that’s arisen to respond.  A few of my friends in Springfield have been transporting donations down to Joplin all week, and some of my St. Louis friends are headed down to Joplin this weekend to help out with the recovery.  I’m not able to go downstate to help out, but I’ve done my part by donating money to Convoy Of Hope.  You can find out more about this awesome program by clicking here.  Let’s all do our part to help out our wonderful state!

The Captain

The Captain Wants To Keep It Local

I work for local government in St. Louis, which means my salary is more or less tied to sales tax revenue.  And while I know that it is important that people in St. Louis purchase items from their local retailers, I keep buying things online.  Today is a good example.  I’ve wanted to buy a printer/scanner combo unit for my home computer for awhile now.  Last weekend I went browsing at a few local stores to check out prices and styles.  Over the last few days I’ve been reading reviews and checking prices online too.  I finally decided on a low priced, decent HP model.  This unit retailed for $80 at the local stores I visited.  With tax, it would be around $86, with about $3 in tax going to local governments.

When I looked up the printer/scanner on Amazon, I discovered it was one of Amazon’s super good deals.  Amazon will occasionally have a product for such a low price that they can’t advertise it.  They get around it by not listing the price, and saying “price calculated at checkout.”  This way they can sell it cheap and not get in trouble for advertising it as such.  So, upon checkout the $76 dollar price is discounted by $20 in promotional credits.  With Amazon’s free shipping, the final price is $56.  That’s a total savings of 35%!!!  So in this case, supporting my local community will cost me an extra $30 on this purchase.  Not happening!

This is a trend that I see getting much worse in the future.  The obvious solution is instituting an internet sales tax, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


The Captain

The Captain Has Found The Real Rapture

The Rapture has officially been moved from May 21st to May 25th in my house.  For today is the last day of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

And when it comes to Oprah, my wife is a true believer.  She watches the show religiously, subscribes to both of her magazines, and even has an Oprah keychain.  She’s been a superfan pretty much her whole life.  As our high school’s yearbook editor, she managed to inject three Oprah references in the book.  She went to a speaking event featuring Oprah and burst into tears when she walked on stage.  Like I said, a true believer.

Today finale has been looming on the horizon for quite some time, and Megan has been dreading it.  I’m sure in the back of her mind she’s been attributing all this terrible weather as a sign of end times. She took off work this afternoon so she could watch the finale live.  But as it stands, another terrible storm is headed towards St. Louis and it’s threatening to preempt part of the show.  The storm is due to arrive at 4pm, right when the finale begins.  If Oprah is preempted, I’m predicting Meg will personally start a riot at Channel 5 tonite.


The Captain

The Captain Likes His Duos Electric: MR 2011-13

So I’m totally in love with The Kills new album, Blood Pressures.

I included the album’s first single, Satellite, back in March.  But upon listening to the whole album I quickly learned that it was actually one of the weaker tracks.  My current fave is Nail In My Coffin, but strangely it is not available on the internet as of now.  So here’s my second pick: The Last GoodbyeI get the feeling that it will be difficult to narrow down a song or two from this album, so expect to hear from this electric duo again in the future.

And speaking of electric duos, this week’s second track is Civilization by Justice.

I’m actually not a huge fan of Justice; when it comes to French electronic duos I much prefer Air.  But this damn catchy song is definitely worth a listen.  That’s all till next time.


The Captain

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