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The Captains Produces In May: MR 2011-11

This week my Two For Tuesday is a battle of the super producers.  Two of the best in the music business are both contributing original music in 2011 and I’m thrilled!  First up is the almost quarter century in the making reunion of The Cars.  Here’s their first single in 24 years, Blue Tip.

As a long time fan of The Cars, I never thought they’d reunite.  Frontman Ric Ocasek had been quite vocal in the past about having no desire to reunite the group.  Ric has had a very successful career, both as a solo artist and as a much sought after producer.  He produced one of the finest albums of my teenage years, Weezer’s first self titled (blue) album.  As the main artistic talent driving The Cars, he was famously pissed off that the rest of the band reunited without him in 2005 as The New Cars with Todd Rundgren as lead singer.  He even went on The Colbert Report to put Todd Rundgren on notice.

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So I was surprised to hear that Ric quietly reunited with the other members of The Cars last year to start work on a new album.  The resulting effort, Move Like This, was released today and is pretty incredible.  The band managed to capture its classic sound pretty effortlessly.  And considering how many current rock bands are borrowing heavily from The Cars playbook, it’s great to see the original New Wavers return to show these kids how it’s done.

Next up is super producer Danger Mouse with Two Against One.

Danger Mouse has been one of the best and busiest producers over the last several years, and for good reason.  He seems to have the Midas touch; here’s a list of the amazing projects he’s produced.  This year he’s teamed up Daniele Luppi with to create a soundtrack to an imaginary spaghetti western titled Rome.  I have yet to hear the whole album, but what has come out so far sounds pretty promising.  This track features the hardest working man in rock music, Jack White, on vocals.  Apparently Jack sings on a few tracks on the album, as well as Norah Jones.  I’m looking forward to hearing the whole album when it’s released next week.  But for now, this haunting little ditty has plenty to tide me over.


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