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The Captain Loves A Good Food Coma

Yesterday I decided to check out the new Sweetie Pie’s location in The Grove on my lunch break.  Sweetie Pie’s is a local legend for serving the best soul food in St. Louis.  For those unfamiliar, here’s a recent article from the Post-Dispatch about the local mainstay.

The food at Sweetie Pies is served cafeteria style, with a big blackboard on the wall listing the day’s food.

All of the food looks pretty amazing, and picking just one entrée and two sides is quite a challenge.  I almost opted for the fried chicken with a side of greens and sweet potatoes.  But in the end I went with this beautiful combo.

Short ribs, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes with gravy, and the famous cornbread.  It was a super heavy meal, but it was super delicious.  The lunch crowd was pretty sparse, and one of the ladies I work with had the owner Robbie come over and say howdy to our office crew.  Most impressive.

I thought that drinking a tall Mountain Dew would help me fight off the inevitable grogginess that comes after eating such a full meal.  But even all that yellow caffeine couldn’t keep me alert.  I came home after work and crashed hard for the rest of the nite, Patrick style.

Even today I still feel a bit slow.  But it was totally worth it.  I highly recommend the new Sweetie Pie’s location; but if you go check it out make sure your stomach is empty ahead of time!


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