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The Captain Friday 5 Year Cycle

5 year cycles in my life tend to bring about great change.  And in those transitions, lots of sparks shoot off as the plates of my life began to shift.  I’ve been extra observant of the passage of time; this month of May marks several significant anniversaries in my life.  5 year cycles seem like a gimme to be a decent Friday 5, amirite?

Top 5 Cyclical 5 Year Anniversaries

1. Graduated from graduate school 5 years ago

Today marks 5 years since I’ve been a student in any capacity!  School’s out forever!  Don’t get me wrong, education is great.  But so is no more homework.  When I read now, it’s for leisure!

My Masters graduation was a bit more subdued than a lot of other events at the time.  It was mostly a family affair.  My Dad and his lovely family flew out to help me celebrate the end of his supplementing my education.  It was nice to put on a motarboard for the last time.

2.  Graduated college 10 years ago

The graduation celebration for my college graduation was a decade ago next week.  And by next week I mean that I partied for a week straight 10 years ago.  Definitely one of the Top 5 parties I’ve ever thrown.  Most of my college friends and most of my family made the trip down to SpringVegas at some point to raise their glass with me.  But this is a story for another Top 5 list in the works, so moving on.

3.  Graduated high school 15 years ago

Graduating from high school was only 15 years ago at this point in my life, but it often feels much more distant to me.  Pictures from that time in my life don’t really seem like they’re of me anymore.  And while a good chunk of those memories are gone now, I can still remember how excited I was to finally graduate.  I remember dreading the long summer ahead before I left for college in the fall.  I was so anxious to transition to become what I thought was an adult, which is pretty funny in retrospect.

4.  Rode in style 10 years ago

During my last semester of college, I was determined to live it up one last time.  Several of my friends turned 21 in those few months, and I was determined to give them a memorable birthday.  In that spirit, I arranged to personally chauffer my friends around in a vehicle of my choosing.  The highlight of my chauffeuring days happened ten years ago this week when I borrowed a limousine to take my old roommate Morgan out for her 21st.  Many of the stories from that nite are not fit to recount here, but believe me when I say that Morgan had a memorable time.

5.  First Annual Beer Olympics 5 years ago

Once again, this is a story for another time.  Lucky for you that time is next week’s Friday 5.  See you back here next week!


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