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The Captain Is Seeing Red

Tonite I’m headed to my first Cardinals game of the season.  And it just so happens that my other favorite team, The Phillies, are in town.  On paper, this looked to be a pretty good pitching match-up at the start of the year.  Unfortunately, the Phillies prize of the off-season Cliff Lee is facing off against the Cardinals worst starter, Jake Westbrook.  And tomorrow the Cardinals’ young ace Jaime Garcia is facing off against the Phillies Roy Oswalt, fresh from a stint on the DL.  I was really hoping to see Lee faceoff against Garcia in an epic southpaw match-up!

So at this point it looks like a split of the two games series is likely, although maybe not after the terrible weekend series the Cardinals had in Cincinnati.  Seriously, if I were at one of those games this past weekend, I probably would’ve done something similar to this Astros fan.

As a fan of both the Cardinals and the Phillies, attending one of these match-ups in St. Louis is always interesting.  I’m always wearing a red shirt but the logo changes.  For example, the last time I wore a Phillies shirt to Busch Stadium Ryan Howard hit 2 home runs and the Phillies won 20-3.  It was a little awkward…

This year both teams have great starting pitching.  While injuries to their starters have caused some setback, both staffs looks pretty good in 2011.  The Phillies biggest problem is the inconsistencies of their hitters.  With Chase Uttley still down and Raul Ibanez basically worthless at this point, the Phillies are losing games with low scores. 

On the other hand, the Cardinals have as much offense as they’ve had in a few years.  Unfortunately, they have a cringe worthy bullpen that constantly gives me shivers.  Late innings are almost unwatchable at this point.   Philadelphia’s bullpen has top two relievers on the DL, but is still managing to get the important outs when it matters.  Two teams, two different problems.

I’m not sure what to expect tonite from the teams, but I’m pretty sure what to expect from my game crew.  Even after a few last minute cancellations, I still have a rowdy group ready for lots of beers and jeers.  It’s time to make some noise.  Let’s go Cards!  Let’s Go Phillies!


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