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The Captains State Of Destruction

This weekend I was pondering the fact that it has been a decade since I’ve lived in Springfield, Missouri.  A few weeks after graduating college in May 2001 I packed up my Ford Escort and moved back in with my Mom in St. Louis.  What particularly struck me about being ten years removed from Springfield is how little I can remember about the town.  Granted, it’s been over five years since I’ve been back to visit.  But I’ve largely forgotten what it was like to live in southwest Missouri.  And then I saw the news last nite that Joplin had been leveled by a tornado.

While I’ve never lived in Joplin, I did visit it a bunch during my college years.  I dated two girls who grew up in Joplin and I went back with them to visit quite a few times.  One girl’s family owned a local restaurant, Pizza By Stout.  Last nite she wrote on her Facebook wall that the restaurant was destroyed but her family was safe and unharmed.  I’m glad that luck was with her and her family.

I remember what the commercial strip on the south side of town looks like, and now it’s gone.  The pictures from the wreckage are intense.  I found this one particularly striking.

Yesterday was a bad day for Missouri.  My thoughts go out to all of the people affected by this terrible tragedy.



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