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The Captains Car Keys : MR 2011-14

Earlier this month, I gave a big shout out to the reunion of The Cars on a previous Two For Tuesday.  Now that I’ve had some time to live with their new album, I’m really digging Sad Song.

And while I still think my earlier pick of Blue Tip is still valid, I’m thinking that Sad Song may be favorite song on the album.  The track sounds like it could’ve been a b-side from any of the band’s top selling singles in the 1980s.  I’m interested to see which of these two songs will end up being included in Modern Rock 2011.  It’s still way too early to know at this point.

This week’s second track is a real no-brainer:  Dearest by The Black Keys.

After ruling the modern rock charts in 2010, it’s nice to see The Black Keys back so soon with new music.  It seems unlikely that they will release an album this year, so contributing to an album of cover songs seems like a great way to stay relevant in a down year for the band.  This cool little cover of Buddy Holly’s sweet original is part of a whole album of Buddy Holly covers.  And while Dearest has already been covered by several artists, the band makes it their own with this groovey rendition.  Glad to see that The Black Keys are still on a roll; really looking forward to their next album!


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