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The Captains Review – The Perfect Weapon

A few months ago my buddy Paid Paul gave me a copy of his latest book for free on the condition that I write a review of it when I was finished.  I started reading it back in March, but then I decided I should finish The Zombie Survival Guide first.  And then before I could finish that, I was persuaded by Meg to start reading Freedom.  So it’s taken me a ridiculous amount of time to finish a 200 page book.  Whoops.

So having just finished the book, here is my review of The Perfect Weapon by Cynical Simon:

At its best, The Perfect Weapon is the kind of fiction that is hard to classify.  The main plot of the book involves a group of talented individuals who help steer the world after a series of events leaves most of America without a central government.  In telling this story the narrative switches style frequently, containing elements of Science Fiction, Adventure, Thriller and Horror at different points.  What starts as a fairly straightforward battle between two powers trying to control the United States eventually takes several interesting and unforeseen twists before ending in a much different place than I would’ve originally thought.  But much like a Vonnegut novel, the story makes the unbelievable seem rational through the eyes of the narrator.  And in a nice nod the interruptions made famous by Vonnegut, the author breaks into his own story to defend his attempts to turn fantasies into realities from the narrator of his last novel.

My only complaint about The Perfect Weapon is the book’s relatively short length.  At slightly over 200 pages, I feel that some of the character development was shortchanged for the sake of conciseness.  The interaction between characters is one of the story’s strong points, and I feel that fleshing them out would benefit the narrative as a whole.  A bit more back story would help to further illuminate the motivations of some of the main characters.  But I guess saying that I wanted more is a good reflection of the quality of the story.   With that in mind, I give it four out of five stars and I would encourage you to give it a read.  As per the author’s request, you can have my copy now that I’m finished.


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