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The Captains Cleaning Out His iPhone

Last nite I spent about an hour hooking up the new printer/scanner to my home PC, which means that in the near future I will start scanning old photos and posting them here at The Captains Quarters.  But before I take that digitally enhanced trip down memory lane, it occurs to me that I am ignoring several pictures I’ve taken in the very recent past.  So for this week’s Friday 5 I’m emptying out my iPhone’s photo archive to bring you some Captain-centric updates.

Top 5 Recent Captain Outings With Photographic Evidence

1.  The Captain celebrates Dan Fjord’s birthday

My good buddy Dan from over at Tales From The Fjord turned 33 last weekend

and it brought out all the cool kids to The Waiting Room.  For as everybody knows, 33 is the coolest age to turn this year.  Danny boy was in rare form on Saturday and totally dominated the nite.  At some point we noticed him two fisting beers, which prompted us to put a drunk helmet on him.

Beano with the assist!  This proved to be a great idea, as Dan was pretty well gone by the end of the nite.

But he was far from the only one.  Josh Wilson also got pretty rowdy, seen here trying to break a beer bottle on Waldo’s head.

Someone tried dumping a bottle of ice on Josh to cool him off, but nothing stops Josh Wilson.  He’s always the Gonzo.  Lots of good pics, great people and great times. 

Between Dan’s birthday on Memorial Day weekend and mine on Labor Day weekend, it’s looks like my three day weekends are going to be ragers for the foreseeable future.

2.  The Captain’s Conference

This past Memorial Day weekend also saw a meeting of the Captains at my place.  Captains Unite!

Captain Mike and his lovely wife Irene joined Meg, Captain Powers and I for an evening of ribs, vodka and stimulating conversation.  With that much Captain concentrated in a small area, it’s a wonder that we didn’t blow the roof off the joint.

3.  The Captains drop some science

Speaking of Captain Powers, he and I have been trying to take advantage of this warm weather to focus on getting into shape.  And how did we go about that?  Science.

As you can see, Captain Powers is already in peak physical shape.  He’s been hipping me to some of his time-tested fitness secrets, which I am not allowed to divulge.  But needless to say, if Captain Powers is involved then the shit’s legit.  He’s already passed along some tips to Constable Boom-Boom, and just look at the results!

4.  The Captain goes to a Cardinals game of firsts

A few weeks back you may recall my excitement at attending a Cardinals-Phillies game.  Besides being my first game of the 2011 baseball season, it was also my first game with my cousins Chrissy and Jimmy.

Jimmy turned 21 recently, and Chrissy has a toddler so I’ve never really had a chance to drink a beer with them at Busch Stadium.  Glad to finally knock a few back with my family!

It was also the first time I’ve seen Albert Pujols play third base, which was actually pretty exciting.  I also got to see Cliff Lee pitch for the first time, and watch him lose to the Redbirds!  It was a great nite that I’m hoping to repeat in a couple of weeks when the Phillies are back in town.

5.  The Captains Slurpee brings chaos

My buddy Hippie Dave became a first time father very recently, and I’ve been trying to see him as much as possible while he’s got some time off.  Being a good friend I decided to bring a Slurpee over to his house to aid in his lawn mowing activities1.  But when Captain Powers expressed interest in the Slurpee as well, things quickly took a turn for the worse.

What followed was a free-for-all rumble that frankly made me question Dave’s hippie credentials.  But everything was settled by the time I left.  Congrats to Dave on his beautiful baby girl!


The Captain

1.  As someone who doesn’t have a child or a lawn mower, I can’t imagine how tiring caring for an infant must be after mowing a lawn.  That’s tiring to think about!

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