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The Captain Extols The Importance Of Editing

After watching the nonstop coverage of the latest sex scandal featuring an elected official, most of it just seemed to me like a rehash of previous sex scandals.  I don’t find stories of a middle-aged married guys acting sexually inappropriate all that surprising anymore.  The divorce rate is over 50% in America, and I’m guessing infidelity probably has a lot to do with that number being so high.  I also don’t understand the fascination with the awkward apology press conference.  All politicians say that they’ve made a mistake and that they’re sorry, and they even make “look how sorry I am face,” as seen here on Weiner, McGreevey, Spitzer, Massa, Clinton, and Ensign.

But in reality, they’re mostly just sorry that they got caught.  And it’s the getting caught part in this particular sex scandal that struck me as pretty amazing.1 

Almost all of the politicians involved in recent sex scandals were outed by someone else.  Some are outed by the other person that’s participating in the affair, like former congressman Chris Lee.  Others are outed by the press, like former presidential candidate John Edwards.  And some are even outed by governmental investigation, like former governor Elliot Spitzer.  But Anthony Weiner’s dumb-ass was outed by a typo.  A typo!

Weiner was trying to send a direct message to one of his followers, but he instead sent a reply tweet that is viewable by everyone.  As a current user of Twitter and one who often uses an iPhone to tweet, I understand how easy it is to make mistakes.  I previously tried using Tweetdeck before I switched over the Twitter app, so I knew as soon as I heard the news what had happened.  If I wanted to send a direct message using Tweetdeck to my buddy Marc from high school, I’d type an uppercase “D” followed by his account name (Dmarcps). If I wanted to mention him in a tweet visible to everyone, I’d type a “@” instead (@marcps).  Weiner mistakenly used a “@” instead of a “D”, and broadcast a picture of his wiener to the World Wide Web.  One little type basically ruined his career! 

While I’m sure that every politician feels pretty stupid for ruining their career with a sex scandal, I can’t imagine anyone feeling dumber than Weiner about it.  So let this be a lesson to everyone; reread it before you hit send.  Editing is important!!!


The Captain

1.  Of course, the humor of a man name Weiner accidently tweeting a picture of his dick was not lost on me.  But Kevin Smith has taught me that non-stop dick jokes get old after awhile.

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