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The Captains Family Flies Like Eagles

This past weekend my brother Paul was awarded his Eagle Scout.

Boy Scouts has been a longstanding tradition on the Missouri side of my family.  Paul’s Eagle Scout ceremony on Sunday was very special for all of us.  And seeing our tradition of Scouting was very moving to me.  It must have been even more so for my brother, Paul IV.

His grandfather, Paul Jr., was the first to be awarded Eagle Scout, back in 1935. 

His father, Paul III, was awarded Eagle Scout in 1973. 

And his brother, your ship’s Captain, was awarded Eagle Scout in 1993.1

Awarding Paul IV his Eagle Scout was part of a wonderful institution.   And the ceremony was a lot of fun for everyone there.  Smiles all around. 

No longer being active in Scouting, it was a real treat for me to be surrounded by the familiar sights and sounds of the organization.  Boy Scouts was a very big part of my adolescence that did wonders for me personally.  I was elated to see it have a similar affect on my brother.

And as is typical for older brothers, I was even able to do some lite ribbing.  I’ve teased my brother in the past about taking too long to complete his Eagle Scout project.  I finished all of my requirements by the time I was 15, as did his father.  Paul pushed it back all the way to a month before the cutoff date of his 18th birthday before he was completed.  When I was given a chance to speak during his ceremony, I led with a church-appropriate joke that went as follows.

“Paul was 6 months old when he attended my Eagle Scout ceremony back in 1993.  He was in diapers for my ceremony, and I told him recently that if he didn’t hurry up and finish his project then I’m gonna be in diapers for his ceremony too.”

And even though I like teasing him, I could not be more proud of him.  Congratulation on your achievement, bro.


The Captain

1.  This is one of the only pictures of me growing my hair out in high school.  In 7th-9th grade, I had the bastion of early nineties butt-cuts: the dreaded side-spike.  I decided the summer before my sophomore year to grow my hair long and this was taken shortly thereafter.  You can actually see the former spike in my horribly uneven bangs.  This is the last time I looked semi-respectable for many years.

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