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The Captains Movie Trailers – 2011

Last week I highlighted television program trailers for my weekly Friday 5, so this week I’ve decided to stay on the same track with

Top 5 Exciting Upcoming Films – 2011

1.  Drive

2.  Ides Of March

3.  In Time

4.  Haywire

5. The Dark Knight Rises

This movie doesn’t come out until 2012, I can’t post the trailer so you’ll have to watch it here, and it contains very little new footage, but still. Hot damn.


The Captain

The Captain Salutes A Solider

This is Waldo.

Waldo is a Specialist in the US Military.  Next week Specialist Waldo is leaving for a yearlong tour in Qatar.  I made a point to attend his going away party at Tin Can last weekend because I think it is awesome what he is doing.  Military service is an honorable and difficult task, and I respect him for it.  Thank you for your service, Waldo.  Have a safe tour and we’ll be here with a beer waiting for you when you get back.


The Captain

The Captain Sees A Ghost

My old buddy @MarcPS was in town last week, and the topic of Wayback Wednesdays came up.  I showed him a few old pics from back in our high school days I was thinking about posting, and he had the biggest reaction to this one


Here he is listening to a Sony Walkman and practicing his lines backstage for a one act production of Pizza: A Love Story.  That is one pale white kid.




The Captain

The Captain Puts The Mod in Modern Rock: MR 2011-18

This week we’ve got a couple of mod sounding new wave bands trying hard to sound British.  I know absolutely nothing about either band other than I saw their videos on Subterranean and liked them.  First up is Villains On The Moon by Cold Cave.



Next up is Something Else by Diamond Rings.



If these make the final cut this year then I will do a bit more to find out about the artists, but for now just sit back enjoy the synthesizers and drum machines.




The Captain

The Captains New Favorite Cheerleader

When it comes to cheerleaders, I’ve never really understood the draw.  With that being said, I now have a new favorite cheerleader.  Her name is Phyllis and she was a member of the St. Louis Football Cardinals Cheerleading Squad of the 1970s.

Thirty years later Phyllis Smith went on to serve a supporting role on the US version of The Office.



An with that, I have officially blown your mind.


The Captain

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