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The Captains Took A Breather

As I promised on Wednesday, this week’s Friday 5 is all the excitement I didn’t mention while I was on my brief hiatus.

Top 5 Things That Have Recently Kept Me Away From Here

1.  My stupid washing machine

The last time I was able to wash my clothes at home was May.  Pretty much all of June was spent trying to get my almost new washing machine to run again.  $500 and month later the damn thing is finally working again.  It has been quite the ordeal, and at this point I’ve spent more on the repairs than the price I purchased it at 1½ years ago.  The Maytag repairman installed the last part this morning.  As of then, I have two shirts left hanging in my closet.

So now I get to spend my three day weekend washing almost every piece of clothing I own.  Drat.

2.  Another Cardinals-Phillies game

The baseball scheduling gods were kind to me this year and planned two home series against Philadelphia, so I was obliged to go to a game.  And even though I was still pretty exhausted from my Chicago trip, I still managed to rally for a wild nite with my man D.  He’s working at the Terrace View restaurant at City Garden, so we met up for a quick happy hour with my sister before the game.

Since there was just us two experienced seat hoppers, we managed to get down right behind the Phillies dugout.  Here’s D trying to catch a t-shirt from Team Fredbird.

I was glad I wore a Phillies shirt, because they made the Cardinals look bad all nite.  I was totally wiped out afterwards but it was definitely worth it.  Well, I guess I wasn’t too wiped out because I still found the energy to see

3.  X-Men First Class

The next day with Hippie Dave.  The movie was pretty damn amazing, but the fun part was catching it with Dave.  We went to Chesterfield Mall for the screening and actually hung around afterwards and had a few beers.  This was probably the first time I was at a mall with another guy in 5+ years.  Oh, but no homo.  We took a couple of funny pics that I will post just as soon as I figure out how to get my computer to recognize my new scanner.

4.  Resting

The more I continue to not act my age, the more it catches up to me eventually.  Last weekend was a massive recharging of the battery for me. 

5.  Working

Despite how it may seem, I actually have a job that requires me to work.  This week began the busy season at work, which will last until mid October.  So if you notice my posts getting increasingly shorter over the next few months, this is probably why.  Speaking of shorter posts, that’s all for today!


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