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The Captains Front Row Tickets To StePhest Colbchella: MR 2011-16

My recent week off left me with plenty of time to listen to some great new music.  It also gave me a chance to check out StePhest Colbchella ‘011, a weeklong music festival hosted by Mr. Stephen Colbert.  He previewed some great new songs, of which two have been selected for this week’s Two For Tuesday.  First up is the song Stephen cut with The Black Belles, Charlene II (I’m Over You)

As a long time fan of Steven and the Colberts, I was thrilled to see Stephen go back into the studio to do an updated version of his classic 80’s track, Charlene.  And it doesn’t get much better than having Jack White as a producer and backing from his next protégé band, The Black Belles.  And if all this wasn’t good enough, the poster they produced for the single is a simply a stroke of genius.

If you haven’t already checked out Stephen’s three part interview with Jack White, you should check them out here.

Also part of the weeklong festivities was a performance by Bon Iver.  This week’s second song is Calgary, the debut single of the band’s self-titled new album.

I’ve listened to Bon Iver1 a few times now, and it’s starting to grow on me slowly.  I didn’t have an immediate response the way I did when I first heard 2008’s For Emma, Forever Ago.  But I think time will be kind to this album.

There’s lots more great stuff to check out from StePhest Colbchella ‘011 over here; I’d encourage you to check it out.  But only if you like to ROCK!


The Captain

1. I learned that I have been pronouncing the band’s name wrong.  I thought it was pronounced like it is spelled, bawn eye-verr.  But apparently it’s bone ee-vair.

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