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The Captain Introduces Way Back Wednesdays

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have a new scanner.  It has been about eight years since I’ve owned a working scanner, so I’m planning on making up for some lost time.  Not only do I have a giant pile of pictures that I’ve rediscovered over the past few years, I also am in possession of a pig stack of Megan’s pictures from high school.  Great photos from back in the disposable camera days of the mid to late nineties.


Originally I had planned to spend a weekend babysitting my scanner and put them all up in one big photo dump.  But upon further reflection I decided that it would be much more interesting to scan one photo a week and write a little synopsis of each scan.  Most of these photos have never been seen by the folks that they feature, which should add to the fun considerably.  So with that in mind, I’m officially launching Way Back Wednesday right now, with a photo of two of my favorite people from high school.



Here we have a vintage 1995 picture of DJ and Chuck dressed as hobos.  This was clearly taken backstage during our high school’s production of Annie, most likely before the big Hooverville number.  Simply put, DJ and Chuck are involved in a good number of my positive memories from high school, and my time at Hazelwood West would not have been the same without them.


I still see DJ all the time1, but it’s been a number of years since I’ve seen Chuck.  He was always good for a laugh and, according to his Facebook profile, he seems to be doing well for himself.  Two great guys, one great photo.  Check back next week for another great scan.




The Captain



1.  In fact, he put up a pretty convincing argument trying to get me to go to the Cardinals-Reds game tonite.

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