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The Captain Still Hasn’t Found What He’s Looking For

I saw this video while I was surfing around the internet earlier today and felt the need to share it.

Apparently, Bono spotted a fan holding up a sign in the front row that read “Blind Guitar Player, Bring Me Up!” and decided to invite the gentlemen onstage to play an encore.  After dueting together on All I Want Is You, Bono let the guy keep the guitar.  I have to admit, that’s pretty rad.  And it makes me feel slightly bad about not going to see them in a few weekends here in St. Louis at Busch Stadium.

There is a specific reason I’m not going, and it’s not the music.  It’s been about 15 years since U2 stopped making music I enjoy.  But for a good ten years, 1985-1995, they made several albums that I love to this day.  So I’m sure there would be several songs I would enjoy.  And it’s also has nothing to do with the band itself.  While I think that Bono is a bit pretentious and takes himself too seriously sometimes, I think on the whole the band does more good than bad.

I’m not going mostly because of the ticket price.  While the show was initially advertised as starting at $32.50 (close to $50 with BS fees) I quickly learned that these tickets were not available.  So I looked at the next price range, $57.50 (Close to $75 with BS fees).  These tickets were for the bleacher seats behind the stage.  I know from experience that when a band plays a show “in the round” it means the seats behind the band stare at the back of the band for the majority of the show except for one or two songs where they turn the stage around. 

$150 for two tickets to stare at the back of Larry Mullen Jr.’s head sounded pretty steep until I realized that decent seats would set me back $92.50 (close to $110 with BS fees).  So that’s $220 to see a band that hasn’t put out a song I’ve liked in 15 years.  The only way I would shell out this kind of dough is if I could help pick out the setlist beforehand.

At this point I’m mulling over two other options.  Since I would actually see the show if someone handed me free tickets, I’ve signed up for several contests and giveaways.  If that predictably doesn’t pan out, then I’m considering taking a lawnchair and a cooler of beer and setting up shop outside of the stadium.  That will primarily be determined based on the weather forecast.  But whether I see the show or not, I wanted to say well done to Bono for this amazing little bit of kindness.


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