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The Captain Goes Back To 2002: MR 2011-17

I’m heading back to the beginning for this week’s Two For Tuesday.  Both bands featured here were included on my very first edition of Modern Rock back in 2002.  First up, here’s Gimme Love by The Vines.

This track finds the band doing what it does best, short and loud turbo anthems.  Lead singer/screamer Craig Nicholls clearly hasn’t lost a step in the three years since the band’s last album.  Apparently he discovered a love for Scott Pilgrim during that time as is evidenced by the video’s tribute to the film from last year.  Glad to see these Aussies back in the saddle and still rocking it hard.

Next up is a band that’s been long overdue for a good comeback.  Here’s Options by Gomez.

Back in college Gomez was one of my favorite bands.  Starting with 1998’s Bring It On, they had a string of three incredible albums in five years.  But since then they’ve released three mediocre albums that I tried and failed to enjoy.  I had pretty much given up on them until I recently read a couple of good reviews of their latest album, Whatever’s On Your Mind.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear echoes of the band that I used to love.  Welcome back guys!Ciao,

The Captain

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