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The Captains Summer Television Trailers

Most people this week have been complaining about the worst part of summer – the oppressive heat.  And while this week’s heat wave has been pretty brutal, one of the best parts of summer has also shined bright this week.  I’m of course talking about the releasing of trailers for the upcoming season of television programs. 

The second half of 2011 features the return of most of my recent favorites, as well as the return of an all time favorite of mine.  So sit back and relax with this week’s all video Friday 5

Top 5 Shows I’m Looking Forward To In 2011

1.  Beavis And Butthead

The mighty have finally returned!  Beavis and Butthead are back after a long fourteen year hiatus, and these guys look ready to party hard.1  This video shows actual clips from a new episode featuring a much needed Cornholio resurrection and the guys riffing on Jersey Shore.  This looks perfect!

2.  The Walking Dead

The last clip was courtesy of Comic Con 2011, which was also responsible for today’s release of the first trailer for season two of The Walking Dead.  Thanks Comic Con, I can always count on you  to provide red mead to nerds like me. 

The upcoming season looks like a much needed return to the source material after the left field ending to last season.  This book singlehandedly made me give a shit about comics again, and I’m really hoping they do it justice on television.  I think it looks quite promising. 

3.  Jersey Shore

Beavis and Butthead know a cultural milestone when they see one.  And they’ll have plenty more to riff on according to the preview of the fourth season of Jersey Shore.  I thought season two in Miami would be a stretch for these Guido-juiceheads , but sending them to Italy looks completely ridiculous.  Fist pumps!4.  Dexter

I’ve heard lots of interesting stuff about the upcoming sixth season of Dexter.   The seasonal guest stars were rumored to include Colin Hanks, Mos Def, and Edward James Olmos, which sounds like an interesting mix.  After watching this trailer, I still have no idea what the arc of the season will focus on, but I’m intrigued nevertheless.5.  Breaking Bad

This is a bit of a cheat, since the show’s fourth season premiered this past Sunday.  But given the fact that the trailer for the season had almost no new footage, it seems appropriate to include the preview for next week’s episode.  Walt is juggling too many balls, Jesse is back to wallowing, and everything looks ready to break at any moment.  Awesome!


The Captain

1.  I said Long, and Hard.  Huh-huh-huh.

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