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The Captain Put Together A Good Team

This weekend I’m in the title round in my fantasy baseball league.  Trying not to count my chickens before they hatch, but there’s a good chance my team, Wild Turkeys, are going to win the whole damn thing.  Considering what a big turnaround that is from last season, I thought I’d use Friday 5 to highlight the great players on my team that are putting me over the top.

Top 5 MVPs on the 2011 Wild Turkeys

1.  Cardinals Offense

My Cardinals hitters have been the biggest reason my fortunes have changes.  The Cardinals have the best offense in the National League and they’ve been ½ of my starters at points throughout the year.  I picked up Matt Holliday as my first pick the in the draft and Lance Berkman as my last pick.  I knew Holliday would put up big numbers, but Berkman was a lucky guess on my part.  His offensive resurgence was not expected by most, and yet he leads the National league in home runs.  Yadier Molina had a career year at the plate, and David Freese had a pretty good couple of months.  Betting  big on the Cardinals paid off big time.

2.  Cliff Lee

My second pick of the draft was also a gimme in Cliff Lee.  Everyone expected him to have a good year, but he’s got a chance to walk away with the Cy Young this year.  His fantasy stats have been spectacular; the dude didn’t give up a run in the month of August.  He’s the only Phillies player to make an impact on my team, and my obvious choice for best pitcher on my team.  The man is money in the bank.

3.  Jordan Walden

The best move I made this year was gobbling up Walden before anyone else.  I had my bullpen locked down early with Marino Riveria, but I still needed a good second closer.  I was watching Twitter for updates one afternoon when Fox Sports’ Buster Olney posted that Walden was taking over the closer’s role as a rookie from Fernando Rodey.  I quickly scooped him up and have been reaping the benefits since.  He’s in the top 5 for save in the American League, two ahead of Sergio Santos, a similar player I picked up.  With three dominant closers on my team, I racked up a bunch of points in my pitching categories.

4.  Melky Cabrera

The most surprisingly good player on my team was the Royal’s Melky Cabrera.  The former Yankee looked washed up last year, but managed to find the magic this year.  Not a flashy record, but he’s hitting over .300 with almost 100 runs scored and 20 bases stolen.  And here I thought that people in Kansas City don’t know how to play baseball.

5.  Johnny Cueto

The hardest choice I made this year was picking up Cueto.  I was trying to nab my favorite ballplayer, Chris Carpenter, but someone drafted him before I could grab him.  The next best pitcher still available was one of my least favorite players, Cueto.  In lasts years slugfest between the Cardinals and the Reds, Cueto kicked a Redbird in the head.  It ended that man’s career.  But I was determined not to let personal biases get in the way of winning.  So of course Cueto had a fantastic year on the mound.  He own the lowest ERA in the National League despite only having nine wins.  I still don’t like the guy, but I don’t quite hate him as much as I at the beginning of the year.


The Captain

The Captain Is Ready For Myrtle Beach

Kenny Powers is back!

Is it January yet?!?


The Captains Old Man

I had a blast this past weekend with my pops in town, so I thought I’d dig out another old picture of us for Wayback Wednesday.


This was taken in a photobooth at a boardwalk arcade at the Jersey shore.  It must’ve been some time in the mid-nineties, because I’m wearing a goofy hat and Cathie is giving a hide-my-teeth-braces smile.  I was reminded of the good times we used to have during our summer trips to New Jersey because that’s kind of how it felt this weekend.  Besides attending the shows on Friday and Saturday nite, we just hung out and yakked about the usual topics: old times, family, politics and football.  We ate lots of heart-clogging food and laughed.  It’s been far too long since I’ve had a chance to hang out with my old man.  Glad you made it out, pops.  Let’s do it again soon.





The Captain


The Captain Is Waiting For The Word

This week I’m still reeling from the amazing performances from An Under Cover Weekend.  I was not expecting such great performances, so it seems the unexpected is a great topic this 2 for Tuesday.  This week I’m looking at songs I would expect to hear from the internet’s biggest fans.  First up is Unless I’m Led by Mates Of States.

This band has been championed for years by @SecretlyStephie and for good reason.  They’ve been featured on a couple of my Modern Rock discs for perfecting the classic keyboard/drum sound.  Stephie went crazy when she met them back in 2008, which makes it all the more baffling she hasn’t mention their new album.  This track is one of the best they’ve released!  Did I somehow manage to beat the master to the latest  masterpiece?


Up next is another puzzling omission from another diehard fan.  Here’s The Sun The Sea And The Sky by Magnetic Fields.


Stephin Merritt – The Sun and the Sea and the Sky


When it comes to Twitter, I’ve been most impressed by the musical suggestions of @ContraYogini in 2011.  She she’s a big fan of my gal PJ Harvey, but I see her constantly posting her love for 69 Love Songs.  So when I heard that Stephen Merrill was releasing the long lost 70th Love Song by Magnetic Fields, I was shocked I didn’t hear it from her.  I guess the internet is a big place to get lost.  Still, glad to know I share the same taste with a couple of super hip chicks.



The Captain

The Captains Under Cover Weekend

Whatta Weekend!  I’m just now rejoining the real world after an amazing weekend of friends, family and music.  There was so much awesomeness crammed into 48 hours that it’s hard to do it justice here.  So I’ll start with the highlight of the weekend – Tight Pants Syndrome vs. Paper Dolls as Electric Light Orchestra.



This supergroup led off night one of An Under Cover Weekend, and they set the bar impossibly high right from the beginning.  Their sound was dead on, from the synthesized piano chords and percussion to the unison vocal performances.  I saw up to six people singing together at one point!  The band even bought a vocoder to give the refrains that alien/robot sound that made ELO so popular in the seventies.  The band also programmed a hell of a light show to accompany them that gave the performance an other-worldly feeling.




But of course the highlight for me was the string section.  It wouldn’t be ELO without a marvelous string section, and luckily my sister on the cello was up to the task.



From the first song to the last, this supergroup managed to make the minor hit of ELO soar to heights unseen.  And the hits? They were transcendent.  Check out this recording my dad did of their performance of Mr. Blue Sky.



What a stunner!  As you can see from this pic, dad is recording me and D being blown away!



Kudos to my dad for recording the show and for being one hell of an out of town guest.  I actually managed to snap an ultra rare picture of him with my mom and the kids in one room, which has only happened 3 times in the past decade.



Beside family, my friends also made a strong showing at An Under Cover Weekend.  Here’s me and some of my favorite people at the show.



I waited a few days to find the pictures I’ve posted here, and this exhausts the media I’ve found.  When more pictures and video are available, I’ll dedicate a post to the rest of the weekend then.  But for now here’s to Tight Pants Syndrome vs. Paper Dolls as Electric Lights Orchestra.  You didn’t let me down.




The Captain

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